Saturday, February 6, 2021

Címon East Prairie schools, close

I hate to call the Standard Democrat but it seems like the East Prairie school system donít care. OK, Charleston schools shut down because COVID-19 is raging in Mississippi County. Last I heard East Prairie schools are in Mississippi County. People lives in Charleston comes to East Prairie, East Prairie comes to Charleston and thatís just how itís always been. Now, kids in East Prairie got to wear the mask all the time. No, lets send these kids home. Lets give em the Chromebooks and send them home for safety just like Charleston did. Here in East Prairie itís about money. Richy farmers and richy people that run the stuff think itís all about them and their kids. No. We live in Mississippi County. Charleston shut down, that means itís dangerous. One kid, thatís all it takes.

Blunt kept his mind, honor

Well, at least of one Missouriís senators has not lost his mind and kept his honor. Thank you Senator Blunt.

Time for higher taxes

It never ceases to amaze me to know how stupid I am. I canít believe how much better off Iím going to be now that we have a Democrat administration. Iíll be paying higher taxes every week with my paycheck. Itís going to be smaller when payroll taxes go up. It just never ceases to amaze me of how ignorant I am and how much better off Iíll be when we all pay a lot more taxes.

How many union jobs were lost?

I wonder today, after President Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, how many union people love him now after he romanced them all last year and then shuts down their good-paying union jobs.

Text size too small to read

The text size on Annieís Mailbox is too small to read. If you canít afford to put it in regular type, you need to just leave it out.