Friday, February 12, 2021

Republicans are incompetent

You don’t get a much more clear look at incompetence than to read the Jan. 27 Standard, page 3A. President Trump said it was up to the states to run the vaccination programs in the states. Gov. Parsons said it was up to the health departments. If you don’t believe it, just dial up the state COVID line and listen. Our state senator Holly states she’s in favor of legislation to limit the power of county health departments. Bet she got her shot. Have you got yours? No wonder Missouri ranks last in the state with readers like this.

Has Biden tried to change how the vaccinations are delivered?

Politicians sure aren’t farmers

The politicians in Washington, Democrats and Republicans both, the way they have gobbed around with this stimulus bill, just shows one thing: If they were farmers they would miss the whole crop before they’d make up their mind what to plant.