Saturday, February 13, 2021

Democrats are party of hate

Iím reading Speakout Wednesday, Jan. 27, ďRepublicans are crooks.Ē I am astounded that this kind of garbage is just going to go on and on and on. This country becomes more and more divided. With this kind of hot rhetoric, just because Republicans donít think the way Democrats do, Republicans are hated. On the flip side, Republicans donít hate Democrats, they are plenty ready to talk about what they believe. By the way, Iím a Democrat, but Iíve come to the conclusion that my party is no more than a party of hate and discord in this last election. Iím not sure I can back another Democrat for any single thing because of the hatred they continue to push on our country. Itís frightening whatís happening. Frightening.

Trump was best president since Kennedy

Iíd like speak out on that person that got on there and called President Trump a mad man. I do not know why you people think he is a mad man. Iíve never seen anything out of him. I donít know what you people are talking about and neither do you. You all are the mad men in this here, you hear me. President Trump, Iím glad heís out of there because heís too good for you people. Heís too good for people like you to serve you. I tell you what, he was the best president I ever knew outside of Kennedy. Iíll tell you that right now. Thereís something wrong with you when weíve got millions of people coming in from heavenís knows where to rape our daughters and kill our people and weíve got to take care of all these millions of people and other stuff. Biden has taken all of these jobs away from these people in one day in the office. How in the world can you call Trump a mad man? Biden is mentally retarded. I ainít gonna say nothing else but you canít because youíre retarded too.

Thank you first responders

First I would to thank God for all he do for us. Without God, there wouldnít be no us. God has been with us in the pandemic by sending out first responders, like my little niece. Everyone that work with her has been sick. But God has blessed her and she hasnít gotten sick with COVID-19. Sheís one of the you first responders, putting her life on the line every day, trying to take care of people. Sheís such a blessing to her patients. She really love people and sheís just a really great person. To be that young and be doing what she is doing, she could be doing anything with her life, but she choose to save lives. I want to thank her and thank all our first responders for all that they are doing. Thank you Gabriella Brown. Keep up the good work. Thank you to all the first responders from my heart. May God bless and protect you all while you are saving lives.