Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Done with Republican Party

I am an 81-year-old conservative Republican, or I was. I am sick of the Republican Party anymore. It has become such a corrupt, evil thing. I cannot imagine trying to overthrow our democracy with a dictatorship. Certain people in our government and right here in Missouri, theyíre shameful. Shameful. From now on, I know longer represent, I donít want nobody to even know I was a Republican. They have gone so far, Iím not never going to support them again. They must clean up their act. I canít believe them trying to start a democracy. Take a democracy and turn it into a dictatorship. Thatís treason in my books. Thank you for letting me speak out. Iíve dealt with this for dayís now and I just thought Iím going to say it.

Where is vaccine in Mississippi County?

OK, I seen in the Standard Democrat where Scott County already giving out the doses, shots and everything. COVID-19. How about Mississippi County? I know weíre poor over here but whereís our health department at? What have they done? Sittin on their butts or helping out the farmers, the city hall people, their friends? Iíd like to know who. I hadnít heard nothing about the doses over here in Mississippi County. If Scott County qualify for COVID-19 doses how come we donít over here in Mississippi County? Or is it the health department? If itís the health department I think it is time we get a new leader in the health department for Mississippi County. Just like these people working the stores supposed to have the masks up over their nose and mouth. Well, you go in every one of them they got them below their mouth. Well, these store owners getting COVID-19 relief money but canít keep their workers with their masks up, thatís a shame over here in Mississippi County. Címon health department. Iím ready for my shot. Iíve got diabetes. Iím 66-years-old. Iím ready for mine. Get off your butts and get us some damn shots over here.

According to the Mississippi County Health Department, the health department and all four pharmacies in the county have combined their efforts to best support the county in receiving and administering vaccine to help stop the spread of COVID-19. A very limited supply of vaccine has been sent to the county despite their diligent and ongoing efforts. Three vaccine clinics were held this month by the group with great success. They will continue their efforts to receive vaccine, and will schedule more clinics when supply is received. Please contact your pharmacy or the Mississippi County Health Department to be placed on the combined waiting list if you wish to receive the vaccine. Patients will be prioritized by state guidelines. Missouri is currently vaccinating individuals in Phase 1A and Phase 1 B Tiers 1 and 2.

Recall Smith and Hawley

Recall Rep. Jason Smith and Josh Hawley. They participated in the false claims, made by Trump, of election fraud. Hawley and Smith are just as guilty of incitement of insurrection at the nationís capital. I feel they are not fit to represent Missouri on the national level. If they are as delusional as Trump, they should be recalled. As Missourians we should demand more of our elected officials. Thank you and God bless America because we need it now more than ever.

Obama meant higher electric rates

If you voted for Obama, you were voting for higher electric rates. Donít believe me do some research. He hated fossil fuels and wasnít afraid to let it be known. I remember the Standard Democrat doing a story on rate hikes being implemented during his time in office. I know itís in the archives just canít find it. All I can say if you voted for him you voted for rate increases.

Stop creating lies and fears

The Missouri House has passed a bill to ban local police from enforcing federal gun laws. The Republican sponsor says heís motivated by the possibility of new federal gun restrictions under Democratic President Joe Biden and the Democratic-led U.S. House. In the last 40 or so years the only federal gun law passed was by the republican Trump party to outlaw gun stocks to convert guns to automatic weapons. Federal gun laws are only passed to protect us. I think our elected state lawmakers need to work to help people rather than creating false lies and false fears.

Put down your pen

Dear President Biden. Please put down your pen long enough to realize the implications of your cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline. Americans need good union jobs in conjunction with cheaper energy. That should be your primary focus for the American people. That is what we need and want. As a Southeast Missouri farmer we need our diesel and cost-effective energy and you to quit pandering to China. Please and search out better markets for our commodities. Thank you very much and God bless.

Where is the vaccine?

Here we go again in Missouri about the vaccine shots. I just seen where Missouri only has put a needle in peopleís arm 0-4%. Everybody else is up 10-25%. Thatís Missouri for you. Thatís the governor for you. Look at all the governor has done. I bet people who gave money to his campaign and everything else already got their shots. Zero to 4% Missourians. Thatís a shame. You keep putting Republicans in there and thatís what will happen. Zero to 4%. Thatís a shame.

At the time of your call on Feb. 8, Missouri was over 7%.