Saturday, March 13, 2021

Where’s all the food bank money going?

I got two things to talk about. Every time on TV and in the paper you hear about the food bank. Over here in Mississippi County, I’m talking about East Prairie. Who alls been up there at the food bank knows this — four, five cans of corn, green beans or something. Loaf of bread or something. That’s about it. Where’s all this money going? Where’s all this food going? Haven’t heard about no shots over here from the health department in Mississippi County. But then again, I was just in a beauty shop, had my grandmother up there, a guy was talking about he just got his second shot. That’s here in Missouri and there was like eight cars from Illinois getting shots in Missouri. I would just like to know how they can get shots. You have to fill out paper, you have to give ID and everything to get shots. Why are we giving shots to people from Illinois when we can’t give shots to people in Missouri? He said he couldn’t believe it.

Way to find cure for diseases

Maybe for each disease of the human body, one can think of all the possibilities of what could be wrong with the elements surrounding the issue and be used on a case-by-case basis as to which one or ones is the cause. Then think of a cure for that disease.

Limbaugh was a great educator

I just read the Speakout column about “Caller happy about Limbaugh’s death.” My answer to whoever that person was that called that in, I would like them to know that Rush Limbaugh was a great educator. Also, very conservative in a lot of instances, but yet, on the other hand, I think it is very appalling you would be happy about somebody’s death. I think that is a terrible thing for somebody to feel about someone. Why don’t you search your brain and get educated?