Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Hawley is bright, young star

I just want to call and speak out about Republican Sen. Josh Hawley from Missouri. I think he is just absolutely wonderful and the brightest young start upcoming. Amidst all the political turmoil and amidst all the evil in the world today, heís a bright, refreshing face for the Republican Party. I wish him all the best and will begin praying for him daily because he has the message that we need. Itís not the message of evil, itís the message of good. I believe that God will bless him and this country for the stand he has made and is taking. Thank you for allowing me to speak out. Have a good day.

Caller is cold, hard-hearted person

I was reading the paper today and looked at Speakout and was so hurt and so shocked to see the Standard Democrat would even print this, about a caller who was happy about Rush Limbaughís death. They must be a very cold and hard-hearted and bitter person to be happy about his death. Rush was a great man. Loved his family, a great Christian, served his country. More people have been really burdened about his death. And for this to be printed, let alone thought about, you must be a very cruel and bitter person and I will say a big prayer for you because I pray the Lord will change your heart. Iíve never seen anything like this.

If we only printed things we agreed with or didnít make us shake our heads, the Speakout column would almost cease to exist.

Biden supporters happy now?

I guess all you Biden supporters are excited about our gas prices about the way theyíre going up. And thatís just part of the deal.

Manchin is a Democrat

To the person that had the stimulus check hold up, saying that Joe Manchin was a Republican. He is not. He is a Democrat. Thank you.

Biden supporters are smiling now

Itís certainly not hard to tell all those great Americans that voted for Joe Biden. All you have to do is watch them at the gas pump. Theyíre smiling and grinning at the price of gas. I hope theyíre happy. And itíll be a lot worse. By Christmas we will not know what this country was.