Saturday, March 27, 2021

Remember, Republicans said no

I hope everyone remembers, when they are getting their $1,400 checks and child allowances, that zero Republicans voted for the bill.

Quit whining, Democrats

Just a reminder for all the idiots that voted Democrat in the last election. Gas is up a dollar a gallon. You have to pay it too. Quit whining.

Polite, courteous people at paper

Just would like everyone to know that you have the most polite and courteous people working at your newspaper office in Sikeston. We certainly appreciate them.

Thank you.

Thank you, Officer Knox

I would like to say thanks to Officer Knox for the good deed she did today. When I was out, I needed a little help, and she was there to help, serve and protect. I would like to thank her and I would like to thank all our officers to keep watch over them as they keep watch over us. Thank you Officer Knox and God bless. I really appreciate what you did for me today. God bless.

Why is text so small

Iím calling about your Annieís Mailbox article that you are having in the paper. I notice that in Speakout someone else had mentioned it. But we do not understand why the lettering is so small. We can hardly read it and I donít understand why it is so different than the rest of the newspaper. I never did see an answer about that when someone asked about that earlier, but Iím asking again. Why is that so small and why canít it be enlarged some?

That is the size it takes to get it to fit on the page but we are trying to work out a way to increase the size and still keep the Annieís Mailbox.