Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Get new vehicles for mail carriers

Hello America. Hello southeast Missouri. Another hot day in the Heartland. My little post carrier was here, and I’ve said this before, but these vehicles they have are trash. They are terrible trash. The postal general should be taken out and have him drive these things. You can hardly start the things. It’s terrible. Our politicians sit on their hump and they need to do something. Come on gang. Write these people because these employees with the post office, the letter carriers, deserve better equipment. It’s embarrassing to the employees because when they get somewhere they can’t make their route quick enough. It’s stupid. I will call senators. All they are saying is “well, we’ll raise the rates” and then “well we’re under contract to get some.” But where? The rural carriers are not getting taken care of, the cities are. It’s the whole nation. Treat us like one. God bless America.