Wednesday, December 22, 2021

COVID in East Prairie schools

Over here in East Prairie, Missouri, I hope you send some reporters to talk to the school board superintendent. My daughter came home sick and I just found out theyíve got six or more cases of COVID in the school system and no kid knows. I donít want no kidsí names, but as parents we should know there is COVID going around in the school, so we take a chance of sending our son or daughter to school. There should be a mask mandate again. Kids donít mind it. Now we got an epidemic fixing to go here. No parents are being let known because the school system is wanting the money from the state. Get a reporter over here or call over here and find out from the big bad superintendent that didnít tell the parents that COVIDís going around in the school system.

We understand your concerns but havenít schools had COVID among the students pretty much non-stop all school year?

Anyone sell Avon?

If there is anyone in the area that sells Avon, would you please put your number in the paper? I would like to call you and give you an order.