Friday, December 31, 2021

Thank you for article

Thank you for such a well-written and accurate article. I researched it. Your Speakout article was 100% accurate. Highway road repairs: $6.5 billion, cyberattack protection: $19 million, airports development: $246 million, bridge replacements and repairs: $484 million, public transportation: $674 million, expanding network of electric vehicle chargers: $99 million, wildlife protection: $21 million, water infrastructure and safety: $866 million and broadband internet expansion: $100 million. This comes to $9 billion and itís all for Missouri. Iím glad you wrote that Dec. 1, 2021, article for Speakout. Our people just need to remember this information and that the above-listed programs are coming. Like you said, ďcreate a generation of good-paying jobs and economic growth.Ē Itís saddening that Josh Hawley and Jason Smith voted against all this.

Thanks for nothing

Winter is here. Sikeston electric bills will skyrocket again. But Sikeston residents are being gifted new $300,000 lighting for the baseball fields to help relieve their electric bill shock. Merry Christmas to all.