Letter to the Editor

Your view: Keep programs

Monday, January 5, 2004

New Madrid County Commissioners Clyde Hawes, Barry Bennet and Sam Pikey have approved a new budget for the New Madrid County Extension office. The budget will be cut to a third of what it previously was, leaving only a $10,000 budget.

Incidentally, their request of $35,000 is only 1 percent of the county's budget. However, the office can only operate six months on the budget, resulting in the closing of the office. Some 2,400 New Madrid County children will be affected by this decision. Not only does this affect the 4-H program, but also the agronomy department which supports the New Madrid County farmers.

The 4-H program has helped many people in the county. New Madrid County and my family has had a rich history in 4-H, including participating in the New Madrid County Fat Barrow Show some 50 years ago.

The New Madrid County 4-H specialist and youth assistant have helped me and many other youths in their college experience and have helped me in my future career of being a doctor of veterinarian medicine.

It is a shame to let this happen to such a beneficial program. I am asking you to please voice your concern to these councilmen to try to save such a rewarding program.

Please voice your concern to Clyde Hawes, Barry Bennet and Sam Pikey.

Ryan Weak