Speakout 9/3

Friday, September 3, 2004

Am I the only person in Sikeston who is tired of the welfare shakedown? The City of Sikeston recently got a sales tax increase that was supposed to take care of the fire department and police department. Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and members of the fire department were "shaking their boots" and wanting a donation. I have to pay the increased sales tax. This is unfair. The fire department should stay at the station and fight fires.

The purpose of firefighters in Sikeston "shaking their boots" for donations is not for the fire department. This is an annual fund-raiser to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy which will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association at the annual Jerry Lewis MS Telethon on Labor Day.

I read in the City Court reports where people are fined for "maintaining public nuisance." Someone told me the Standard Democrat recently printed information to define what this means but I haven't seen it. Can you run it again?

According to the ordinances in place by the City of Sikeston, maintaining public nuisance can cover a variety of issues. We will try to highlight some of the information from the actual ordinance. First of all, the custodian of a property is "any person who exercises care, custody or control over real or personal property." Any motor vehicle which is partially dismantled, wrecked or disabled, any part or parts of a motor vehicle and not currently registered with the Missouri Department of Revenue: "It shall be unlawful for the owner of any junked motor vehicle or ... accessories or any owner, occupant or custodian of any private property to maintain or allow to remain on said property." Public nuisance also includes junk and trash, weeds, etc. When a property owner or custodian is notified by the City of Sikeston of a violation, they will be given seven days to abate the "nuisance." If not removed, the issue is then taken to court. "With the exception of structural defects, plumbing, electrical, gas or mechanical violations, a Code Enforcement officer of the city shall file a complaint against any property owner and occupant of a structure within the city which fails to comply with the city code in respect to vehicles, junk and trash and weeds." Due to limited space we are not able to go into detail. Call Code Enforcement at 471-2512 for more information.

I am calling in regards to the Aug. 24 editorial by Mr. Jensen. It's time to put your Republican soapbox down instead of using your paper as a Republican propaganda rag. Let's see you bash these Republicans who are causing so much trouble. You seem to be pounding on Democrats; let's see a big editorial on some of the crooked Republicans who weasel their way into state and federal government. I'm waiting to read it. Put the Democrat box up there for awhile and stand on it.