Speakout 4/15

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I am a foster parent and contract through DMH in the Sikeston area. I am in need of an attorney and need help with an issue of which I have proof and witnesses of some terrible things that are happening to residents, service providers and even service coordinators. If an attorney can help, please leave a name in number in SpeakOut. I'm not sure how to go about finding an appropriate attorney for this matter but it needs to be addressed because this has gone way to far in our community and many people are suffering because of ridiculous opinions of educated people who are second-guessing without evidence.

You can call the Missouri Bar Lawyer Referral Service at (573) 636-3635 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to locate an attorney in your area.There is no charge for initial consultation., however a charge is assessed for the referral service. The operator will not give legal advice.

Personally, I am so sick of hearing these lying flip-flop Democrats trying to blame President Bush for 9/11. If he could have, you can bet he would have prevented it. Now to try to destroy Condoleezza Rice is pathetic. These people took airplane training and were doing it under that lying Clinton's administration. Did they blame him for the destruction of the USS Cole or the Trade Center? I am also sorry for the widows and families who suffered loss in 9/11, but they were paid millions of dollars and we wonder how much they are being paid for their anti-Bush ads on TV. I'm glad I'm not a Democrat and feel like I have to back something as pitiful as Kennedy and Kerry and the like. I'm glad we have an honest, Christian leader in office and God help us.

Semo Health Network accepts Medicaid at its dental clinic in Sikeston at 903 S. Kingshighway (471-4167); in New Madrid at 409 Mott St. (748-5671) and in Kennett at 807 S. Bypass (717-1196).

I heard on the news where someone asked Al Gore if he would be interested in running on the Democratic ticket and he said he already ran with one man who couldn't keep his pants zipped and he'd never do it again. Another reason I wouldn't vote for John Kerry is that he has eyes like a hooded cobra. That's the kind of eyes John Kennedy had and that's why I didn't vote for him.

Obviously, the way the cheerleaders are chosen works quite well. Our cheerleading team won first in state this year, so they must have chosen well.

To the person or persons who took my lawn mower from my house on State Street in Charleston, I have turned you in to the police department, but if you bring the lawn mower back, they won't pick you up. I am on a fixed income and can't afford another one.

You may see thugs standing on the street corner and property in slight decay as a sign of lack of personal responsibility and pride, and yes, I see it the same way, only it's a lack of personal responsibility and pride on the part of the elite in a society in creating a society that all can live in and enjoy and feel a part of. What you see with thugs standing on the corner is an example of 21st century modern day feudalism. There are tragic consequences when those in power fail to act on behalf of the weak as well as the powerful. I don't think there is any doubt in anyone's mind in this community which side our city government comes down on. Are they going to take personal responsibility for the lives that are destroyed?