Speakout 12/24

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Someone ask why don't the paper print bigger stories about wrestling. How many people come to see the wrestling matches? I mean besides Mom and Dad? Maybe an aunt or a grandpa. How much do they charge you to get in? High school basketball is one of the only sports activities that brings in funds to help with the cost of travel, equipment, etc. Most likely, without basketball and football some other sports may be cut from the program. Wrestling is good but it does nothing to reimburse the school for the cost. It should be obvious to everyone that the events that help pay for the school's activities will and should receive more publicity. Sorry if you can't understand that.

To the person who replied in the Dec. 15 SpeakOut, "Cut nose to spite face" about a tax increase, the caller said $106 per person or $242 per household. That would probably be true if there was no one else who ever came into Sikeston to shop. But what we're looking for in this are people who come into our community, spend money here, use our streets, drink our water, use our facilities and don't pay anything for it. They are the biggest ones who will have to pay for the increase; not just the residents of Sikeston. I'm not a member of the city or anything to do with it but I just want to set the record straight.

There was a recipe in the paper awhile back about how to make homemade bird seed. Did anyone save that recipe? If so, please call it into SpeakOut. I would like to make some.

Hillary Clinton is spreading a lot of animosity against the Bush administration. She doesn't have any plans to come up with any better. She is just a lot of mouth. Whatever the people of the United States do about voting for Clintons for anything, she went over to Afghanistan and Iraq to try to sell her book to those poor soldier boys. That woman has to be a low life, money-hungry person. If she were running for outhouse, she wouldn't even get there to pull her pants down before she'd make it.

I am calling in agreement with the Dec. 17 SpeakOut caller who complained about the St. John's Bayou project benefiting a few at the cost of the taxpayers. Another question needs to be answered. They are proposing large pumping stations to be able to divert this water. My understanding is these pumping stations cost a lot of money to run. No one has talked about who is going to pay to run these pumping stations every year and how many millions it will cost the taxpayers locally.

My wife works at an area hospital and sees a lot of manhandling of prescription medicines and high prices. Those guys in Washington have lawyers working for them, the drug people and all. Is it any wonder that we poor people in the Sikeston area don't have a chance? We need some medical care. When are we poor people going to get good lawyers in Jefferson City and Washington to represent us? When we do, flash it on TV.