Speakout 1/12

Monday, January 12, 2004

I would like to thank Neal Wagley for his letter to the editor in regards to our city and the future of our city. Neal Wagley is correct. Let's be positive and proactive. He criticizes ex-mayor Josh Bill for being anti-Sikeston and very negative. As Neal says, "Come on, Josh. Just give it up." This city is a great place to live and look forward to many future things so our children and grandchildren will have a wonderful town to live in.

I would like to thank Neal Wagley for his letter in the Your View column. Thank you, Neal, for writing down what so many of us feel.

Here's a direct quote from your Republican President, Mr. Bush, at a year-end conference the other day. He said he was preparing to send to Congress about "an integration policy that helps match any willing employer with any willing employee from Mexico." If you make more than $6 an hour, you can kiss your job, your house and your family goodbye. Thank you, Mr. Bush and thank you, Republicans, for such a fine job for middle-class America.

I would like to comment on the Jan. 5 letter to the editor concerning the fact that the New Madrid County commissioners are trying to close the Extension Office in that county. I believe there has been an Extension Office in that county for almost 100 years in that county. How could just three men decide to end it?

Your article said Mississippi County did an excellent job ending the year with $690,000 remaining in the general revenue fund. I want to ask our commissioners, is that why the roads have so many holes over here, because you wouldn't take out $200,000 of that $690,000 and fill these holes that tear up our cars?

The body of a little white dog has been on Highway 114 between Morehouse and Sikeston for about two weeks now. This may have been someone's pet. Why hasn't the body been moved and buried?