Speakout 1/5

Monday, January 5, 2004

We, the taxpayers, keep spending money for new prisons throughout this country. The reason we spend money for new prisons in this country is because so many are breaking the law, so we have to keep inmates in prison, where they have it made. They have medical, good food and get education. We should start building more reform schools for young people. The young people vandalize our homes, property, they go to court and the judge pats them on the back and says, "Don't do it again." The young people should be put away just like the inmates in prison because they have no responsibility. They know that they can commit a crime and get by with it. The decent people in this city, state and country, their property has been destroyed, their homes are vandalized, people break into their homes and commit theft and the judges are letting them walk the streets. They should be in reform schools and paying for the crimes they commit in this city and in this country.

I want to thank the Canalou Baptist Church for the love they had for residents at Sells Rest Home in Matthews. This past Christmas, they took fruit and candy to the residents. This was a wonderful thing for the congregation and members of the church to do. They showed their love to those who don't have what we had for Christmas. I understand that they also passed out fruit baskets to residents of Canalou. This was a wonderful thing to do because some of the residents in the nursing homes don't have family and for some, this was the only gift they received for Christmas. Thank you for your love and thank you for your concern. We need more love in this world and appreciate the love you showed to them.

For January, I predict that we will have at least three different cold spells coming out of the Arctic Circle. Each one will last from eight to 10 days. After this cold air gets out of here, we'll have mild weather for four days or more and then get hit with some more cold air. I think this will continue through the month of January. We had a few snows in December. It stuck in the Ozarks but it was too warm for it to stick around here. My prediction for December came pretty close.