Speakout 1/29

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Where's the proof?

What proof do you have that marijuana is harmful on the human body? How many times do you hear about drunk drivers killing other people, just because they're drunk? Now, how many times have you heard about someone driving high and getting in an deadly accident? Cell phones have killed more people in cars than people who were high! Besides the obvious fact that people get lazy, and perhaps have the incredible urge to eat junk food, pot doesn't intoxicate you to the point to where you would black out or die. What I'm trying to say is, take a real look at marijuana and realize that it isn't the "horrible teen killer." As far as the "gateway drug" goes, how can you classify pot as the "leading gateway drug?" Most people drink caffeine, or even smoke cigarettes before trying other stuff anyway. Therefore, why doesn't the media realize that it's not marijuana that is the gateway drug, and that in all reality, it's a mix of legal addictions and body-wasting chemicals that start the mind-clouding addiction to being high on addictions.


The year was 2492. Long time since Chris and his brave crew had sailed the scary ocean blue. In Sikeston, lots had changed, 'tis true. There were so many things to do, other than hear the cows go "moo." They'd built a large and well-stocked zoo with animals from chimp to ewe. There was a huge multiplex, too. And bars! Folks drank the finest brew. There was only one thing that wasn't new. The city's fathers' faces still stayed blue as they tried and tried to get their due by ripping off the BMU.

I would like for someone to tell me why Wal-Mart charges two taxes?

One tax item you see on your receipt is for city tax and the other tax item is for New Madrid County tax. If you add the two figures together, they total the tax rate assessed by other area businesses.

Those of us who are pro-life applaud Gov. Ryan's commutation of all death sentences in Illinois. We believe in the sanctity of human life.

Fortunately, the real facts for NAFTA are to be seen by all by a simple Web search. Jim Talent, John Ashcroft, Kit Bond and, yes, our own JoAnn Emerson voted yes (enthusiastically yes, I might add) for NAFTA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it and quit calling in your lies to SpeakOut.

The people in Charleston should come out and support the team. They should support the girls just like they do the boys. Other schools back their teams.

Just about everybody in Miner wishes the girl who delivers our mail sometimes ran all the time. You can almost set your clock by her. She hardly ever varies more than 15 minutes. When the regular guy runs, it could be anywhere from 11:30 to 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It looks like the Post Office management could do something about it.