Speakout 2/27

Sunday, February 27, 2005

I'm calling about what I read in the paper about the Worker's Compensation deal that Mr. Blunt wants to put in. He says he wants to be on a fair playing field, put employees and employer. But as you know, we all have things in our lives. But the employer will have the advantage because they have big lawyers, they can draw out a slow moving case if they doubt the employee has a claim. They will draw it out. They're not going to give them any benefits. The employee will be sitting at home with no money in his or her pocket with no way to live if they are hurt or not work and be fired. I don't believe he is looking at the legislation fairly. He's a Republican and a lot of your lower class people (which he would call lower class) are Democrat. He should not take it out on the Democrats who do not have a good living and are barely getting by. The fact is, business as big lawyers and the little man has no lawyers. What's he going to do to fight against a company when this happens to him? How can it be fair for the little man not to have anything? I've never been hurt at work but I was wondering what it will take if I ever do get hurt. What would I do?

Why do they have Manpower and Workforce but never have any job openings?

I am responding to the Feb. 15 SpeakOut, "System has flaws." You shouldn't be reporting things to government officials about Medicaid benefits on those who are receiving it when you don't know the circumstances. Do you think everyone who is poor should be living in the slums or driving a rag of a car and when they do go somewhere and get stranded and beg for help? That is the very people who need a better vehicle. It doesn't have to be new. Also, did you think that maybe the church or a family member may have property for rental purposes for people who are limited? Shame on you for such an ugly response in the paper. You deserve to be embarrassed by Team Emerson and Jefferson City. Also, thanks for letting me release my tension on some very annoying and uncaring individuals.

I would like to respond to the person who called in blaming the bird situation on the farmers. Have you ever driven out to the country around dusk when the birds are frantically looking for a place to roost in town? There are plenty of trees out there with not one bird in them. Why? I believe it is because of the heat that rises from the concrete and pavement in town and because houses are spaced closer together, making it warmer than in the country. The birds are worse because they are multiplying and it seems we are not allowed to do anything about it. They don't seem to mind coming out to the country to eat all the rice out of the fields or pull the wheat out of the ground.

My question is still not answered for a physician who offers a sliding fee and doesn't keep bankers' hours. I am looking for someone who is open right after 5 p.m. and on Saturday. Some of us are working and can't get off to go to the doctor or we'll lose our jobs. I am looking for someone who has evening and Saturday schedules so we can get there after hours. Sickness does not always come 8-5.

I would like to thank the Rauch-Spence United Methodist Church in Morehouse for the nice valentine I got on Valentine's Day. It was the only one I received on Valentine's Day and I thank them very much.

Thank goodness I'm not a hockey fan and I'll be glad when I can see the day when they take basketball and football off TV. All through the night you turn the channels and that's all you see. But baseball is all right. Leave it.