SpeakOut 8/25

Monday, August 25, 2003

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I have a Kirby vacuum cleaner and am out of Kirby vacuum cleaner bags. Does anybody know where I can buy some?

We searched the Internet for answers to your question. If you or someone you know has access to the Internet, supplies for your Kirby can be ordered at: www.totalvac.com

This may seem like a petty complaint, but as a future English teacher, I feel I must point it out. I drive past a dozen churches in Sikeston every day and their signs always seem to catch my eye, not for the witty sayings, but for the many grammatical and spelling errors that are displayed. Just today, I passed two signs with errors. In my opinion, these signs are ridiculous anyway, but if you must display them, please use correct grammar.

Thanks for your suggestion. We corrected your sentence to read "I drive past a dozen churches" in lieu of "I drive pass a dozen churches...."

I am very disappointed with our mayor and City Council considering various tax increases. After the defeat of the PILOT, they do not seem to get the message that the citizens of Sikeston are not interested in paying more taxes. They also should review the fiasco that happened in the last session of the General Assembly. Governor Holden proposed various tax increases but the General Assembly refused to go along with the governor's tax increases. Instead of bringing in consultants to recommend new funding proposals, I suggest the mayor and City Council buy a pencil sharpener and find ways to decrease spending.

My husband and I were driving around Sikeston over the weekend and we drove out to the Industrial Park. We drove down to the end at the place where they make trailers. They have the most beautiful lawn in Sikeston. I was surprised when I asked around and found out they take care of everything themselves. We just want to tell you what a great job you have done. Everyone needs to drive out that way and take a look at a beautiful lawn.

I'm calling to see if anyone has seen my lost Jack Russell terrier. He is a five-month-old male and answers to the name "Tip." He is black and white with big, floppy ears and a docked crooked tail. He has whiskers under his chin, and under his left hind leg, he has a black spot in the shape of a heart. He was lost Aug. 7 on County Road 331, east of Benton. If anyone has any information or has seen him anywhere, or knows where he is or what has happened to him, please call (573) 545-9143. He is a family member and child's pet and we are grieving over our loss. If you have him, there will be no questions asked and there is a big reward offered for his return.

This is in response to the comments about the Miner Fire Department about Bertrand's Fire Department. I am a resident of Bertrand and very proud of our little volunteer outfit and our little rag-tag equipment that we use. The very dedicated people in this town has used it to save homes and property. With our limited resources, they do very well. If Miner would remember about eight or nine years ago, they were in the same boat when nobody thought much of their police and fire department and wouldn't be assisted by the county or Sikeston. So, we'll struggle along and get by the best we can and support our fire department. Hopefully we won't have to put the same house out three or four times before it burns to the ground.

I would like to respond to "Back to politics," that said how wonderful a president Bill Clinton was and how bad George Bush is because of the war. They may have forgotten that there were people killed when Bill Clinton was president. The USS Cole was bombed and while Bill Clinton was messing around with Monica Lewinsky, our soldiers were being killed and drug through the streets of Mogadishu, but he was too busy with his personal life and the media was too focused on what he was doing to really take note, like the terrorists planning the World Trade Center attack and the attack they did on our soldiers while he was in office. Bill Clinton did nothing about it. George Bush is more of a president than Bill Clinton ever, ever was.