Speakout 3/2

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Just for my information, I was wondering why there were no articles about the East Prairie Eagles' last two games with Malden and Clarkton. Have we stumbled so much that you do not wish to cover us anymore? You seemed to hit us rather well during our winning streak. Is it our failure to get you the info or is it that you don't wish to have anyone cover our games anymore? Just a little curious.

If our staff is unable to attend the game in person we rely on the coaches to call in the information. The two games you referred to were not called in.

I would like to ask the Murray Lane Baptist Church to change the message on their marquee. It's been up for like two months now and it's sort of stale, if you know what I mean.

One would think it was nice that a very able-bodied man owns a rental house next to one of Sikeston's 84-year-old longtime residents. However, when a dead tree in his yard falls and damages the neighbor's fence, it seems he says this is an act of God and not his responsibility. This man needs to turn to God for forgiveness for treating this Matthews Street lady this way.

Everyone likes to pick on school officials. We all know (or should know) the whole story involving the little girl with the bag of dirt was not told. Were we not taught by our parents that it is wrong to pass judgment if we do not know the whole truth. Unfortunately, the school is tied by law and cannot speak on the issue concerning the 'dirt bag.' It is sad that the common person can speak out and say what they want about a professional and it can be published via every media out there, yet, the professionals are bound by law to keep quiet. The common person can 'adjust' a story anyway they like and run to the papers and the news stations and get it printed and schools cannot defend themselves by telling their side or there would be a lawsuit.

As a retired school administrator I want to speak out on behalf of Sikeston Public School officials who cannot, and say that I am sure we do not know the whole story and that if the situation were as bad as presented in the media the family would have had much more going for them than spreading gossip over the news. Think about it? If the school is so wrong, and the punishment was so unfair why did the family simply go to KFVS and not to a lawyer? Now, to cover the basis that lots are going to scream to me -- lawyers cost money!

This is true, but public defenders could take on legitimate cases such as these for very little cost - if the case is legitimate. And, if the case were legitimate, the ruling would pay a pretty penny to the family, which would more than cover the cost of court fees.

To the person who is walking the dog late at night or early in the morning, I wish you would quit walking your dog in my house. I step in it and bring it into my house. My property looks better than yours; you have that big old dog in your house. When I catch you, I will report you. I have to keep cleaning my yard. You could keep your dog over there but you bring it in my yard all year 'round. I am asking you very nicely to please stop.