Speakout 2/6

Sunday, February 6, 2005

This is in regard to Mr. Jensen's Jan. 27 editorial concerning the death of a wealthy Pennsylvania woman. Mr. Jensen decries her assumed lack of compassion for her fellow man, basing his assertions on the news article which stated her interest and concern about the impact of overpopulation on the world's eco system. Hello? Are we not seriously affected by the eco system of which we are an internal part? Is the world's population not dependent on the preservation of these eco systems for their very subsistence? As farmlands are stripped, rain forests destroyed and animal habitat are decimated, who inevitably suffers the most? People. The very same people Mr. Jensen feels have lost out due to this woman's neglect and shortsightedness. Unless Mr. Jensen is privy to a full accounting of how Miss May used her fortune during her lifetime (as well as the details of her last will and testament), he has no right whatsoever to condemn her on the basis of the few bits of information he shared in his editorial. If he has such knowledge and it supports his contention, perhaps he should have shared it with his readers. By the way, the term "flora" does refer to plant life. The term "fawna," however, refers to animal life.

I suffer from crippling arthritis and when I visit an area store, I have to use a motorized wheelchair provided by the store. The last time I rode in one, I noticed that people are so rude. It's embarrassing to have to ride in one of these things to begin with, and I heard a woman the other day say, "They just get in a line and sit there." This really hurt my feelings. I'm to the point where I don't even want to go back to the store because I have to ride in one of these things because of my legs. I wish people would understand that we don't want to have to ride in one of these chairs. We can't help it that we are crippled or can't walk well or breathe well. Please try to understand this. One of these days, you could be in this predicament. Please try to understand this isn't our fault and please try to move out of the way when we start to come through. Don't just stand there and look mad at us. We can't help it!

I am looking for an old tape by Rusty Goodman. The name of the song is "More Like Thee." I have looked everywhere, have called the Rusty Goodman Foundation and I can't find this tape. If anyone has this recording, please call me toll-free at (877) 545-4369 and ask for Brenda.

To all Southwestern Bell retirees: The company has done it again. As of Jan. 1, 2005, we are in the network for custom care. This is mandatory. We cannot choose out of network at all. This means you have to go to the very few doctors here in Sikeston who are in the network or pay large out-of-pocket expenses. You can use either Missouri Delta Medical Center or Southeast Missouri Hospital in Cape Girardeau locally. I'm just calling to advise anyone who doesn't know of this before they get a large bill that isn't covered, as a friend of mine did. When I called the company, I was advised that in October 2004 a notice came in the mail to this effect. No retiree I know received it.

When I picked up my Jan. 30 paper, I had no idea how bad things were with our soldiers having to pay for their things to go over there and fight with to protect our country. My God in heaven! Let's everybody get together and cause a war ourselves here. Let's bring them home.