SpeakOut 9/13

Friday, September 13, 2002

Call 471-6636

I drive a school bus and I truly believe that if Jesus Christ himself drove a school bus, they would be bad-mouthing him. But then again he wouldn't take the job because he's already been crucified once.

To all who wrote the negative comments in the paper about the little girl's death stemming from the school bus accident, I think you're wrong. Yes, I have a child and had it been mine, I would look at it as a message for parents and guardians to discuss before school starts, and during school, with their children to watch and follow the rules of bus riding. I would hope by putting this scene of my child on the front page of the paper, it might help save someone else's child. Always tell your children you love them every chance you get. I would look at it as my child didn't die in vain if it saved one life.

I'm calling about the little girl that got hit. I read in the Aug. 29 paper and I know the person who hit her, personally, and she is very sorry for what happened. I can understand the family being upset and mad at her, and the town being mad, but it was an accident. It could have happened to any of us. She is very upset about this. I'm sorry for the little girl and her family but everybody needs to stop and think that she has to live with this for the rest of her life. I want to SpeakOut on her behalf.

KFVS-12 picks the worst people to report the news and interview people who have no idea about the situation. They're not a bus driver and won't ever be a bus driver. They don't work. Why weren't they out there with their children? I feel sorry for the bus driver and for the family of the little girl. She was just doing what she did every day for the last four years, to pick up and deliver your child safely. I just think people in the community are trying to blame someone rather than themselves. My heart goes out to everyone involved. The ones who were on the news need to just get a life - period.

I live in the Mini Farms area and on Aug. 28, one of my dogs was shot through the chest with an arrow. I would like to know who did this and why. If anyone has any information, my wife and I would just like to know why it was done and who did it. Our phone number is 481-0967.

This is about the Post Office in Sikeston. I just left at 5:07 p.m. Friday and mail was hanging out of both out of town mail boxes. Would it take an act of Congress to place a third or even a fourth mailbox there so we can mail our mail?

To the stupid people who voted against the road tax, you will spend more money getting your car aligned and new tires, besides the general wear and tear on your automobile will be more than for the tax itself.

You will never find an extremely wealthy young man from a wealthy family serving our country in war time. The reason is he's been bought out by his father. A quarter of a million dollars will buy most doctors to verify an illness to keep him from serving. Middle income boys and low income boys have to fight these wars.

In some cases, you're right. But there are too many other examples that prove you wrong too.