Speakout 5/8

Sunday, May 8, 2005

I would like to Speakout about the school zone around Sikeston High School. I pass some part of it at least six times a day and I rarely see anyone besides myself actually going the correct speed limit. For those idiots that don't know it, the speed limit is 20 miles per hour between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. That does in fact include behind the school. So any officers that are in need of a quota that is an excellent place to get hundreds of tickets. Or how about some type of hidden camera that takes the speed of the vehicle and gets a picture of the license plate?

I would like to comment on two Speakouts in the May 1, 2005, Standard Democrat (viewed online). First one titled, "Cookie Costs." You all seem to be going back and forth about the cost of the Girl Scout cookies. Well what ever happened to just doing it for a good cause? I personally would have liked for a Girl Scout to come to my door to sell me some cookies (which did not happen). I would have paid for some regardless of the price. Just for the cause and because I love Girl Scout cookies. And the second Speakout titled, "Going Postal." I agree with all the others that have complained about the boxes being full by 5 p.m. The Post Office should do as other towns do and actually check it two or three times a day. Doing it only once is ridiculous!

I can't believe the government gives over a quarter of a million dollars a year of the taxpayers hard earned money for very rich farmers to vacation in Hawaii or buy each of their children hummers to eat up the rest of the oil that's left in the world. How long will the stupid tax payers continue to tolerate this. I'm surprised we have not had a Missouri taxpayer revolt by now.

I was the one who called about Paul Boyd promoting illegal gambling in Sikeston. I was reading the sports page and noticed that he is the host of a children's charity golf tournament on May 6 at the Bootheel Country Club with a $100 per person entry fee or $400 a team, which includes green fees, cart fees, drinks, dinner and the work. Which proves my point. They are all illegal. He is promoting illegal gambling in Sikeston. You have it right here on the sports page.

The SEMO Youth Ice Skating Foundation is trying to build a new rink in the city of Miner. This rink will be a part of a new convention center. I think this is just wonderful. This is what the area needs for our youth and even adults to have something to do. We have been in need for a good facility for area skaters for quite some time. And for non-skaters it would not only provide fun recreation it would also provide revenue to the cities of Sikeston and Miner from towns as far as St. Louis and Memphis. I hope everyone will get behind this and support the rink foundation for the sake of the kids in this area. They have more info at www.buildtherink.org.

Every time I get an issue of my Standard paper, I first look on the obit page because I am afraid of who I'm going to see there. Sure enough, in recent weeks I saw one for John Bryant. I remember John when he was about 9 or 10 years old. He was my favorite paper boy. I don't know if that was when it was the Daily Standard or the weekly paper. John was my paperboy and he was one of the nicest boys. Not too many good kids come out of Morehouse but John was one of them.