Speakout 4/27

Friday, April 27, 2007

Call 471-6636

There is an American flag flying over a business on North Main in Sikeston that is very badly faded out. It should be taken down and replaced.

Good morning. Well, it's time for those humming birds. Seen three or four this morning, April 21st. Get your feeders out.

This is in reflection of the recent murders at Virginia Tech and the many others in the last few years. I'm old and remember "the good old days," so bear with me! While growing up, I showed respect for my teachers, my parents, my neighbors, my elders, anyone in authority. While growing up, any disruptive student was dealt with quickly and steadfastly. While growing up, I proudly said the Pledge of Allegiance in school, I prayed in school -- do we remember World Day of Prayer? Enter the ACLU, and the principles upon which this country was founded are sadly becoming a faded memory. I'm not a proponent of gun ownership, but it is true that guns don't kill, people do. We desperately need to return to our roots, restore love of God, love of country, love of and respect for our fellow man in our children. Unacceptable behavior must be addressed early and appropriately without fear of retribution from parents or any organization; we must take off our blinders and protect everyone's "civil liberties." If this doesn't become our focus, God help our children and those still to come.

I would like to find out if anyone has any 45 record of rock and roll back in the 50s that they want to get rid of. If they do have, leave their number in SpeakOut so I can call them. I would appreciate any records that they have.

I was reading in your April 11th paper about this child making fun of this other child about the clothes they wear. I don't think it's very nice. I think the people need to sit down and talk with their kids. I was raised up poor and everything, but I had nice, clean clothes. I never did show that I was better than anybody else and they are no better. The rich people are no better than the poor people. I think these kids need to quit making fun of these people because it is not right in the world. If their Mom is poor or their Dad is poor, they can't help what they are. These rich people, they think they got everything because their Mother and Father might have a higher education. In your heart, you are better like you are. In the sight of God, all people are just alike, the rich and the poor.