Speakout 5/7

Monday, May 7, 2007

There's subjects that I've sat back and I've pondered on and now it's time for my opinion. George Bush is an idiot. This is another Viet Nam. For those of us who lost family members in Viet Nam, we see it. When it's all over and said and done, this will be another police action that the veterans will have to fight to get anything done. There will be more sickness than anything they have ever seen in their life. And for the people in Scott County who tried to destroy the sheriff. You had the audacity to try to pull something like this! Maybe Bill should further his political career or maybe he should write a tell-all book. How would that suit your fancy? Because you see, I work for Scott County. Everybody has skeletons in their closet. Let's hope to goodness he don't get a ghost writer and write of your indiscretions. He did nothing wrong. And you guys did everything to destroy him.

I applaud the East Prairie garden club on their efforts to beautify East Prairie. It is really sad that the mayor and city council does not have that same desire. This is so apparent from the eyesores that they have and are still allowing to be created on the east side of town. Where is Lady Bird Johnson?

It's time Americans considering restoring our passenger rail system with the streetcars and passenger trains to the state they were in in the 60s. Of course, thousands of miles of rail service including our little towns. That's what really killed our small towns is taking the trains out. The main concern of this country is that we are not filling the pockets of oil families, who don't seem to give a *&

%$ about this country or the rest of the world.