Speakout 4/13

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Who can I contact about having a spray fountain put in North Acres or Recreational Complex pond? That would be a very nice addition to our community.

You can call Sikeston Parks and Recreation Director Jiggs Moore at 472-3775.

I would like to ask, how stupid are you? This hot shot farmer farming here on the south side of Interstate 57 at the Bertrand exit, whose fields (every year) blow away because they don't have enough sense to have some top cover. The farmer on the north side of the Bertrand exit, who has farmed there for years, always leaves top cover for his fields, therefore it never blows. The other day, we couldn't even see the Bertrand exit because the farmer south of the exit will not leave a top cover on his fields. Take some lessons and learn how to cover the sand ground or go back to the river-bedded farm.

I want to thank everyone at Lowe's for being so nice and helpful. Every time I go into Lowe's you make me feel so at home. You have help coming from everywhere. Keep up the good work with the restrooms (you keep them so nice and clean). I want to thank two employees, Theresa Lane and Kawajulan Brown. You guys make my day every time I go in there.

To the news media, don't put us down. We were the greatest generation. are the greatest generation. We will always be the greatest generation.

The closing of the Essex Wire Company has nothing to do with the free trade agreement.

I'm curious about what people in Sikeston do with grass clippings. The compost center in Sikeston doesn't take them, and they can't be put in the garbage. So I'm looking for suggestions.

I am a grandma in need of desperate help. I love my grandchildren very much, but since they moved the play area out of McDonald's, I have no place to take my grandchildren and I am too old to take them to the park and take care of them. Could they put the play area back in the restaurant?

Call the manager at 481-1100 and offer your suggestion.

Somebody is stealing little dogs in this town. If you have a little dog, you better keep it put up. I had a little miniature dachshund that someone stole from my back yard. So please watch your dog.

This is for all you illegal dumpers in the area. Paul's Incorporated is located at Highway 62 east. The phone number is 471-5812. They will happily accept your washers, dryers and other large appliances. They won't pay you for them, but they will take them. They are probably closer to where you are now than to where you are dumping the appliances in our ditches. Please have pride in our county and our area and don't throw your garbage in our ditches. Some of us live out here and we have to look at this every day. This makes us very angry. If I ever catch anyone doing this, I will most certainly call the police.

Paul's will accept washers, dryers and also appliances that have compressors (compressor must be removed first). They do not accept microwave ovens.

Does your paper have an editor? In yesterday's paper you misspelled cavalry (the headline said calvary). Today's headline said "CNN correspondent saves child," but the 2-year-old Iraqi boy did not survive. You need to proofread a little better. Your editor and Mike Jensen are not doing their job.

May I please use SpeakOut as a way to reach the citizens of Wyatt? The $2 fee with your monthly water bill is your way to show support to our volunteer fire department. The money is used to keep the department updated with equipment. Having the fire department assures each homeowner of a smaller insurance cost than if the department didn't exist. If any citizen should be so unfortunate as to have a fire, that citizen would expect immediate help. Shame on the citizens who refuse to pay that $2.