SpeakOut 4/7

Monday, April 7, 2003

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I am very proud of the Scott County officials and the people who were involved in getting federal funds and grants and that the city of Sikeston and Scott County put in their part to help clean out this ditch in the Mini Farms to alleviate some of the flooding. But, bam, it hit me right between the eyes in the March 25 paper that said the ditch clean-out is going to be shortened. It looks like New Madrid County and isn't going to allow the drainage to continue into New Madrid County. I've always been afraid of this. They cut it short 1.2 miles. Think about how much water could run down that 1.2 miles. Flash floods into farmland, but think of the residents in Scott County and Sikeston that would be helped by this, but no, New Madrid County doesn't want to allow any more water down there. I'm thinking, well, how about all the money we spend in New Madrid County in Wal-Mart, Food Giant and the places that get sales tax for New Madrid County? They take it from Sikeston but don't want to give anything back. I'm mad as heck and I don't want to take it. And then again, where's our officials? It says that Peter Myers is sorry about all this. Well, let's do something, Peter? And how about Peter Kinder? He's our state senator for both counties. Let's get with it. Come on, JoAnn Emerson. Let's get something done. Let's force these boys in New Madrid County to open the drainage ditch the other 1.2 miles to get some water out of this fine area of Sikeston.

I am having a hard time complying with a city ordinance regarding keeping my lawn mowed. I had Charter install a cable modem for my computer in January. Charter's installation technician said they would return later to bury the cable. We have called three times to request that the cable be buried. Charter has told me that the burying of cable is contracted out to another company, but at the present time they do not have a contractor. I asked Charter if they would send someone out to hold the cable up while I mowed the lawn, but they do not provide this service, either. Sikeston has recently entered into a franchise agreement with Charter. Is there any recourse under the franchise agreement for this lousy service, or should I tell them where to put their cable?

How stupid, how stupid can this President and the news media be? We are in a state of panic and the bloodiest things get, the more there is on TV for all to see. Can you possibly understand what a parent goes through when their child is missing, wounded or cannot be accounted for? Then they show the wounded or dead laying on the ground. How in the world do you think they feel? They don't know if it is their child or not. It would drive me crazy. Our so-called President and news media must have ice water in their veins. I don't know how they can go ahead and do this. It is unnatural to do this to parents. Put a uniform on GWB and put him on the front lines. I promise you, the war would be over in a flash.

I believe we will have a spring with plenty of moisture for you farmers and garden raisers out there. We will have some cool spells, but I think we'll have plenty of moisture. What would ruin us in the Bootheel would be a Bermuda high to settle in over the southeastern United States off the Georgia-South Carolina coast like it did in 1980. That blocks the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and prevents us from getting the moisture we need in the four-state area. We literally cooked that year, as some of you old-timers will remember. As long as our weather continues like this and we don't have that Bermuda high, I think we'll be OK. We may not have as much moisture as we need, but I don't believe we'll have a drought.

They talk about rude people in the city of Sikeston. I was in the doctor's office this afternoon and I don't believe I've ever seen as many rude people as there were in there. Sikeston has the most unfriendly group of people I think I've ever seen. That even goes for the churches, too.

I have been a longtime Charleston fan and was totally disappointed in the disgrace of discipline that Charleston showed. The kids walked off the floor without shaking anybody's hands after they lost the game. I was shocked at the bad sportsmanship. How could the coach let the superintendent and school administration let that go on? I'm disappointed to say I'm from Charleston. To whoever is running the school board, I vote for in with the new, out with the old.

Congratulations to Coach Farmer and the rest of the Charleston squad in the basketball. I told you at the beginning of the season that Danny Farmer doesn't have to be compared with Lennies McFerren. I told you the man would do it. He didn't make it to state, but he's made his own identity as Coach Farmer. Congratulations to all of you!