Speakout 12/31

Friday, December 31, 2004

Mold, dust, dirt balls in the venting system. Mold, buckets in the hall, office, bathrooms. Mold, ceiling tiles ringed with water spots. Mold, carpet that had been wet. Mold on and on over almost as many years as Middle School has been in its current site. The Environmental Protection Agency and Health Department should have stepped in years ago and when it was a known fact that all this is occurring. Nothing has been done. Faculty and staff have suffered continual headaches; illnesses that are felt to be from the mold, only to feel quite well after an extended break, summer vacation or retirement. By then a lot of damage has already been done to their respiratory systems. Bottom line? Flat roof construction by the lowest bidder isn't always the best. Check out the number of times there has had to be major repairs done to the roof at SMS. A maintenance worker who fell through the roof and narrowly escaped with his life? Yes, it is past time to get to the bottom of the whole issue of construction/mold/health at this facility and not repeat that form of roof construction again when another new building is built in our school system.