Speakout 7/22

Friday, July 22, 2005

Call 471-6636

Let's get the facts straight about Medicaid. Food stamps are not Medicaid nor does Medicaid pay for groceries only for healthcare. Most Medicaid dollars are spent on the elderly and disabled. Most disabled people did not "sit on the butts" all their lives but worked many years then had their lives changed by disability. We also support removing cheaters from Medicaid. Unfortunately, instead the Governor did away with the MAUD program which allowed some of us to work part-time while receiving Medicaid. Others lost their medication. Now many are forced to sit on the "butts" all day. Try living on $800 a month when your medicine costs $1,600 per month without Medicaid. How do you know if a bingo player is on Medicaid?

I would like to Speakout about the landlords around the Sikeston and Miner area. I'm an elderly lady, 60 years old, and I went to look at a place over in Sikeston the other day. The landlord took me over there. He was real particular, him and his wife. When I got over there, the walls weren't painted, the floors were very dirty, it looked like mud had been tracked through the house. He wanted $400 a month for this place. At that time I asked him if he was going to fix it and he said no he wasn't going to fix it. I just thought that was terrible. I came home and my previous landlord said they called and harassed her and told her that they wanted to come and look at my house and everything. They were horrible people. I thought this was a horrible way to be. I just want these people to know that I am a clean person and they just lost a good renter. I think us tenants have as much rights as these landlords. I think they need to open up their eyes and ears a little more.

All of the yellow ribbons and banners the ladies put up to welcome our soldiers back were very nice but they now they need to be cleaned up. They are becoming an eyesore.

I would like to say thank you to the people who stopped by to check how I was doing. I was the one who had the accident in Oran on Monday afternoon. I appreciate the two cars who stopped and helped me get out of my vehicle until the ambulance came. Your help was truly appreciated. God bless you.

There has been so much publicity about the cemeteries here in town. I don't have a complaint about putting a monument down, I have a complaint about a different sort that I have been trying to get them to take care of at Memorial Park since the day after Memorial Day. The vase has been stolen off my husband's grave. It was the kind you just screw down in there but it disappeared. It was put on another marker two rows over. I'm certain it was my vase but someone has made it a makeshift. I talked with the Memorial Park people for ever and ever and ever and they haven't done anything about it. I think something should be done about it. I have been given a number for their supervisor but it is no longer in service.

Hey, Mike you and I marched those cobblestone streets in the Keith Collins band back in the 60s. Take the asphalt off and bring the Cotton Carnival parade back to downtown Sikeston.