Speakout 8/31

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today I met two of God's angels. I've always thought of angels as females but I was wrong. My angels were two young men. They saw me struggling to mow my yard that was overgrown from the heat and rain. They walked into my yard, one took the mower from me then they took turns until it was finished. They left as fast as they came in, I barely had time to say thanks. Their parents and grandparents are surely very proud of them. I'm a female, almost 80 years old with not enough money to hire yard service. I pray God will bless those two angels. Their help was a grand and wonderful thing.

If you don't mind would you put this in Wednesday's paper. To the County Commissioners of Mississippi County. I read in the paper, that the county commissioners of Mississippi County stated that the sheriff's department only had so much money left in the budget for gas in the patrol cars. They were going to park the patrol cars. They just told all the robbers and thieves in the state to come and steal from Mississippi County. Don't you think this was a stupid thing to put in the paper?

I called last week and I made a suggestion in reference to the gas shortage and I thought it was elaborate but I did want to bring the point of the gas shortage where people could understand what happened in World War II. The gas was allotted by coupons and that brought around the carpooling and if two or three people worked at the same place, one day one would drive and the next day another would drive. It cut the use of the gas down tremendously and saved money. I think the article is worth trying to get across to the people. Share your car with your friends. I think it would be a nice article to have in there and will be efficient to have people to do the same thing.

After reading Mike's editorial in the Sunday paper and I had to Speakout. The president and his entourage don't seem to know enough about the history of the world. I'm sure that we have military power but what we need is brain power. It is bad mistake to invade Iraq unless we know for sure we can win. We cannot continue to play the games we are playing now for the next four years or longer because this war will never end. I went through World War II from 1939 until 1945, that was six years of fear for me. I learned a lot from it and I know what our soldiers are going through 24 hours a day. They all need to come back home and we need to be smart enough to out-smart the enemy.

To the concerned citizens and family of the Sikeston area who have family laid to rest in the Sikeston Memorial Park Cemetery. Why couldn't the lawn care services in the area get together or at least take the time to mow and weed eat the cemetery? It would give the cemetery a much cleaner and neater look and everyone would be greatly appreciated. Some people have no way to mow or able to take care of this terrible thing that has happened to our used-

to-be clean and beautiful cemetery. The grass and weeds have gotten so high you can't see the headstones or monuments. This is a disgrace. to the families and citizens of our beautiful town.

I would like to express our appreciation to the guys working the back gate at the Sikeston Rodeo. Nobody has said anything about it but the guys at the back gate were there telling everybody to be careful and have a safe trip after the rodeo was over. I thought it was very nice of them. I wanted to express my appreciation.

I think the police officers should take care of those people who are slinging dope and when someone is stopping because someone is walking in front of their vehicle, trying to stop because they don't want to run over them and a police officer says, please move your vehicle this is not a parking area because we have stop or he is going to tow our vehicle. I think that is wrong. We were stopping so we didn't hit nobody. I think that they need watch what they do. The police officers around here think they can do anything they want to do but we are good citizens. I think they need to take care of the bad people around here and the people who are walking in front of other cars. Why can't they take care of those people walking in front of cars instead of us winding up hitting them and we get in trouble.

In reply to blame the docs. Again, I see cheaters blaming someone else other than themselves. First of all, doctors can only start with what a patient tells them. Patients are not given lie detector tests. This is how a disability claim starts: A person goes to the disability office and claims disability. Disability office sends for records of the patient. The patient is supposed to tell the disability office everywhere he has been to the doctor and/or hospital. Medical records state the patient's complaints true or not. Doctors cannot tell if the patient is telling the truth about pain. I have seen many people limp into a doctor's office and walk naturally anywhere else. The disability office sends them for a physical with a doctor. Again the patient can fake and lie to the doctor. Then disability gets all the patient's records and physical and makes a decision upon the information gathered. Your family doctor does not make the decision. If doctors got a penny for all the times patients lie to get disability or drugs they would never have to work again. I have even seen parents of babies and small children bring them in and fake things to get their children disability. They had rather have something wrong with their child then work. It will always be the same, some people want to blame everyone else for their failures and sins. When you lie only you can be held accountable for that.