Speakout 10/12

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I am calling about Mike Jensen's comment about President Carter. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but Mike needs to get his priorities straight and sit back and look at himself. After President Carter got out of office, he went to help build homes and help the poor. I can't say that Michael Jensen has done that at all. He needs to look in the mirror and say, "Have I said the right thing."

Caller, you should ask yourself the same question. For more than 25 years, Michael Jensen has helped the poor of the Sikeston area with the annual Sikeston Community Christmas Campaign, United Way, Kenny Rogers Children's Center and other charitable organizations, just to name a few.

Mr. Jensen, I wholeheartedly agree with you about those attack dogs. Those kinds of dogs should not be allowed in a home; they should be put away. There are too many dogs in this area that are too bad to be in this area.

This call concerns a staff report in your Sept. 29 sports section of the newspaper. It looks like the sports staff of your newspaper is like all the rest of the sports media when it comes to female athletes. This is about the Kelly cross country team. Why did a boy that came in 20th in one race and 12th in another get the big headline, when a Kelly girl took first place and came in 9th place when 288 runners were running? She only gets the small print. Let's treat the females equally, Mike.

You're right. Good story, bad headline.

We had a second birthday for my godchild and we were all talking about how we leave Louisiana just to go have a meal with you. My brother-in-law said we would have to make that trip again real soon. We all kind of looked at each other thinking the same thing - are they still there? Well I am very happy that I can now tell them that you are. I don't know the extent of the damage that you received but I am happy to know that all is well. God is watching over you. Hope to see you soon!

This election coming up in November is going to be a tough decision for some to make and I suppose easy for some, but it's that percentage of the undecided that will probably make the difference. I do think that the people of this country really need to pray and seek God on their decision. I'm not trying to push any kind of religion on anyone, but face it people. Our country is in trouble. So many are blaming President Bush for it. He's not to blame for everything that is happening. Some of the damage was done before he got in office. Jobs have been going overseas or to Mexico longer than the past four years. There is so much mudslinging on both sides of the political party. The American people, not the illegal aliens or foreigners, need to search their hearts and put the right person in office. One thing I can say for President Bush is that he does believe in God and does have prayer, which is what America needs a lot more of. We don't need anyone who believes in abortion or partial-birth abortion and who believes in same sex marriage. That is just wrong. Wake up, people.

A recent SpeakOut caller asked the question: What worse abuse can you get besides taking the life of an unborn? Well, I'll tell you what's worse. It's taking the life of the mother. When it comes to choosing between the life of the fetus or the life of the mother, I'll choose the mother every time. She has a right to life, too.

Compare candidates

John Kerry and John Edwards are analogous to cotton candy. Puffed up, attractive, tempting in appearance to the ignorant and immature. Bite into what they say, no substance, just a lot of sweet hot air for which you get a temporary rush, and a belly ache later. George Bush and Dick Cheney are more like a ham sandwich; plain, unpretentious, but solid in substance and good for your health.