Speakout 10/10

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A lot of people are comparing Republicans and Democrats. I have kept records, and in the last two years when Clinton was president, we were able to buy gas for 77 cents a gallon; now it's $1.77 or more a gallon. Then they talk about taxes they pay. They need to start bickering about what they pay for gas, food, heat for homes, natural and propane gas and all that stuff. When you go to the grocery store, they need to add all the taxes on that and see what it comes to. I think they would shut their mouths up about taxes.

We had trouble understanding the first portion of your comment.

In regards to the Sept. 28 "Claims of election conspiracy are nuts" editorial by Michael Jensen of the Standard (should be called the Standard Republican). We need to get rid of all the Democrats and call the U.S. a Third World country, win a war once and then proclaim George W. Bush as king of America. Thank you for such a biased Republican newspaper. Again, I need to call your paper the Standard Republican.

It really gets my gall when people in the public openly give their opinions to criticize prominent, knowledgeable, educated people in the journalistic jobs - Dan Rather. Also, men who have gone to the top in politics who are ex-presidents - Jimmy Carter. They are run down by little nobodies and someone else will get on the bandwagon and stomp them too. This reminds me of a bunch of people at a concert who get stirred up and stomp the ones who get in their way. People, please, use your own heads when you make comments in the newspaper.

I see where Kerry has quit advertising in Missouri. He hasn't quit advertising in my neighborhood. Not only that, he has people calling people 24 hours a day even though I'm on the no-call list. The Kerry people still continue to call. I hang up and five minutes later another one calls. When he loses the election, within six months, the rich (expletive) will get rid of him. That will be the end of old John Kerry as far as she is concerned. She has all the money she needs. What she wants is power. She wants to run the White House and that's what she'll do if he gets in there. That woman is as bad as Hillary - or worse.

People who say we will live on Mars 20-25 years from now are living in a dream world. The temperature on Mars is 200-something degrees during the day and below freezing at night. There is no way for a human to live outside in that kind of atmosphere. There is no air or water there, it's just a dream world. I think the only reason people look at Mars is because they want to see if there is any gold or silver there. It isn't a planet where people could live. I think the planet has been destroyed once and I don't think the Lord wants us to live there. Live in reality and start reading your Bible. Then you will know where we should be.

Anyone who is stupid enough to believe the terrorists have a choice of who they like best, Kerry or Bush, is not thinking right. They kill for their Allah, not for who is president of the United States. The Democrats are getting scared when they think of such crazy thoughts. You're the ones who are trying to scare the people.

I read Mike Jensen's Sept. 29 article in the paper. I hope you and Bush get what you deserve when you die. The Republicans are for the rich; they're not for the working people. What goes around comes around. One day you could find yourself being poor and living from paycheck to paycheck. Try to make it on minimum wage and pay all your bills. When that happens, you'll say, "Where are all my Republican friends? I'm not rich anymore; I guess I'll become a Democrat again." I don't like your articles and just wish you'd keep your mouth shut in the paper. We don't need your opinions.