SpeakOut 11/23

Friday, November 23, 2007

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This is for Let me preach on. I would like to know where in the Bible it says that a woman cannot pastor a church. There's a big difference. Where does it say she can't?

This is to the gentleman that was at Food Giant that was so kind to help me with my car when it wouldn't start. I want to say thank you very much. Your family is very lucky to have you. You're a wonderful man and may God bless your family and you.

I had a most wonderful surprise this last Tuesday night. I had a little knock on my front door and there stood my precious, I call one of my granddaughters precious. Her Girl Scout leader and her daughter brought my granddaughter over to my house to bring me a plate of chocolate chip cookies that they had made that night. I had been sick all day and felt so low. I want to thank that Girl Scout leader for doing that and let my granddaughter bring that to me. That was the only highlight I had had for about three days of being sick. People out there, give to those Girl Scout troops because they do do a lot for elderly people. It means a lot to those who are basically shut-ins. It means so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs. Frohawk. It means so much.

I'd like for someone to answer my question. It's about the No Child Left Behind law. In order to be a teacher in a school, you have to have 60 hours of credit. You're going to have to go the whole four years to get a teaching degree. From what I understand anybody can be a teacher if you have a high school education. Because most high school graduates know as much as someone who has a college education.

On behalf of those of all of us at Bo's Barbecue, we would like to thank everyone for their encouragement and support. It's good to be back. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for dining room, drive through and carry out.

We received our county taxes today and we cannot believe that most of them go to the school. We were wondering if all the teachers and staff got a raise this year. And also we were wondering how come Scott County Central only has basketball. If we pay that much school tax, they ought to have more than one sport. We think the school tax should be lowered so everybody can have a living.

I saw Hillary on TV today. She's going to bring all the troops home and straighten up all of the United States. I don't know how she can when she couldn't control Bill with all his women and all that stuff. If she couldn't take care of him, how in the world is she going to straighten the United States out? I think the Democrats better be looking for another guy to vote for. Besides that, look at all the money she's took in. Where's she getting all that money? I don't know who would want to vote for her when she can't control her own husband.

It was just told that Missouri is one of the highest states that has the homeless veterans. Well, Mr. Blunt why don't you quit giving all this money to education and give it to people who really need it? I think you've spent enough on education. You need to spend it on ones that served our country for the freedom we have today. You've never been hungry so you don't know what it's like. I will be so glad when your term is over and we can get someone in there that knows what they're doing.