Speakout 1/6

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy holidays to the many women and men that are serving overseas. God bless you and may you return home safe. You don't know how much it means to me. My father was a veteran of the Army. I wear my flag pin proudly and I fly a flag everyday in his honor and for the other men and women who give their lives for our country. And thank you to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross for all the things they do for the service men and women.

This is in answer to Fact or opinion. There's no one that I know of that is more biased than Mike Jensen.

I'm almost sure that there has been someone in my yard prowling around after dark. I'd just like to say if I catch you, there's going to be someone identifying you in the morgue. I don't care how small you are or how large you are, you have no business prowling around in my yard.

I wonder who Hillary Clinton thinks she really is. She sounds like she's trying to be a psychic person, trying to read people's minds. Going around telling people she's predicting and she's promising. That woman don't even have a brain. She and her husband need to be in a pecan orchard, they're both nuts. Making the prediction she's going to reduce the oil prices, well, anybody can make a prediction. We don't need people like that trying to run our country when they don't have a policy. I would advise the people not to pay any attention to Bill or Hillary Clinton. They are conniving people.

I would like to announce this back to the party that was in SpeakOut about people helping people in time of need. This party that put this in SpeakOut, I wish they wouldn't criticize the churches in Sikeston or the pastors. The pastors and churches have helped a lot of people here in Sikeston. They need to help their selves instead of going everyday or every week to the ministry.

Here it is another holiday season. I am a 50-year-old woman that supports myself and takes care of my grown daughter. I have been friends with this married man for almost 20 years now and I'm alone. I know I'm going to be alone on holidays and nights. He sneaks over to see once in a while because if his wife catches him at my house, she raises all kinds of hell. So that can't happen. I live by going to work and coming home, just like his wife who goes to work and comes home, just like he wants us to do. Both of us are his puppets. I'm making a vow to myself this year that I'm not going to be his puppet any longer. I have had my life on hold for 20 years with this married man who is not going to leave his wife. I have been harassed by her, I have been embarrassed by her. I've been talked about around the town by her. Everybody knows her, who I am and her husband. But this year, I'm making a vow and I hope that everyone who knows God will help me and pray a prayer that I will let this man go this year. I am a young 50-year-old woman and I don't have to be home alone, lonely and worried, wondering if he's coming over or if he's not coming over. And then if he does come, is she going to show up. People who believe, pray for me. That's all I ask is for you to pray.