Speakout 2/7

Monday, February 7, 2005

This is to the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo. In no time at all the annual August rodeo will be here. My question is, how does one become one of the flag girls? You know, the girls who carry out the flags at the beginning of every night of the rodeo and also the rodeo parade. The past couple of years, half of the girls carrying these flags look like they haven't been on a horse in the last six months and it's all about the name and their place in society. There should be some kind of auditions for these positions and applicants should be 21 years of age and not be a contestant in the Miss Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo pageant or in a pageant in any other way or event. That way, everyone has a chance to shine and you have maturity looks with horsemanship. We do want the best for our rodeo. Please respond, Sikeston Jaycees.

We contacted the Sikeston Jaycees with your concerns. "The Sikeston Jaycees go to great lengths to ensure our performance is as professional looking as possible. We have been fortunate to have some of the best cowgirls in the area representing us. These women practice many hours for several weeks in preparation. As always, we invite those interested to contact our rodeo committee. Filling these positions is at the full discretion of the Rodeo Board of Directors. Most of our riders are over the age of 21. We do, however, have our current year Queen and Junior Miss participating in our annual event. We feel it is important to show the community our representatives. The Queen and Junior Miss are judged on horsemanship during our annual pageant contests."

I read the comment in SpeakOut from the person who talked about schools not being treated the same; Matthews Elementary and Southeast Elementary being acknowledged a lot in the paper and Lee Hunter Elementary is not being acknowledged. I also noticed that when they showed the Christmas programs on Channel 12 they never had Lee Hunter on there. Why is that school left out? Also, why isn't the upkeep of the school better? I hope this change because I have a grandson who goes there and another one who will be going there. I have wondered about this school for quite some time. Can someone tell us what the difference is?

We can answer the first part of your question, however, to get an answer about the school property, call the Sikeston R-6 Board of Education at 472-2581. The Standard Democrat publishes events (with and without photographs) for all schools in the area. However, it is up to the individual school officials to send announcements and/or make photo appointments (when applicable) so their news can be published.

I'm calling about the Jan. 31 article about "Recognize all." Thank you, Jason Foley and Mr. Williams, for your assistance during the storms. I would also like to thank all the fire departments, policemen, off duty policemen and firemen and good citizens with their tractors, shovels and four-wheel drives who helped during a very trying time. A lot of us don't toot our own horn when we do things for the public during a crisis. We just do our duty and go home. Thanks to all the public officials and a private community who came to help in this trying time.

It is always refreshing to see a letter from Ron Greenlee in the newspaper. Thank you, Ron.