Speakout 4/5

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

There was a nice young lady at Dairy Queen Easter Sunday night who took care of us. She said her name, I believe, was Jessica. We would like to extend our thanks for her kindness. Thank you Jessica.

Thank you Mike for writing what a good percentage of Vietnam veterans feel - the Branson homecoming is 30 years plus too late. Any soldier that I wanted to keep up with, I've done so. I don't need to spend untold amounts of money to line the pockets of the entertainment industry. To me, it is like a slap in the face, then a hug 30 years plus too late. We were soldiers and served our country honorably. It is also why there is so much support for the soldiers of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, we do not want ONE soldier to feel that his or her service is less than honorable or appreciated. Another Rejected Veteran

These folks are calling them selves Christian and begging to save a "life." What life ? she has been

in a bed for "15 years." Kept alive by humans, not by GOD, but humans You are only keeping her from the heaven that God has prepared for her. Humans are only postponing what God ordered 15 years ago. Give her peace. You are only concerned about yourself and what you think "God will think of you," if you say nothing. God has a plan and you are fighting him.

Most of the time I enjoy reading your views whether I agree with them or not, but I could not let your column on Terry Schiavo go without a reply. Apparently you did not do your usual research before writing your column. I quote your column, "She will remain without function for as long as medical science is able to keep her heart pumping." Please research your facts again as she was on a feeding tube. Her parents and family have tried to take over the care of their daughter (Mike not a burden to you as a taxpayer), but was not allowed to do this. Also, you stated that her husband had clearly stated her position should she ever arrive at this point. When did he suddenly remember her stating this? Was it in writing? I'm sure that probably her husband wants to get on with his NEW life - another woman and two children. Mike, I hope that you never starve to dead as they are doing to Terri. Mike, what is "death with dignity" mean to you? Do you believe that a person who has to be taken care of should be put to "death" (with dignity) starved to dead? We treat our worse prisoners better than that. According to the information that I have read, Terri has "never even had an MRI or PET scan, let alone a complete neurological examination." Thought that you might like to know that sometimes you can be DEAD wrong TOO! Thanks!

Our local YMCA has had an aluminum can program ongoing now for over two years. In recent weeks and months, someone or someones have been taking cans from the recycling trailer. Not only is this stealing, but your are taking from a non-profit organization. The YMCA takes great pride in helping underprivileged children and families within our community. A report has been made to our local police department and they are aware of the problem and will be watching and patrolling this are more frequently. Whoever is the culprit in taking from the YMCA will be caught and charges will be brought accordingly.