Speakout 4/7

Thursday, April 7, 2005

I'm calling about the Community Sheltered Workshop on Northwest Street. I realize it is a good thing for the community and the handicapped people in the area. I think that what they are doing is great but I do think they should abide by some environmental regulations with this sawdust down here. I put up with it all over my cars, all over my windows. I understand this workshop has been confronted about this but nothing seems to be getting done. I live a block away and I'm getting this some people in the block are getting it really bad, their air-conditioners are getting plugged up. It is terrible. Their guttering is getting full. I understand there are things that can be done to control this in the area. It is possible to control the sawdust problem and if they had any respect for the people in the area I think they would do something about it. They are aware of it. Maybe Speakout can help.

The Community Sheltered Workshop Board is aware of the problem and working to address it according to Harvey Cooper, executive director. "We sincerely want to be good neighbors," he added.

I want to speak out about Terri Schiavo. This is for the person or animal, which ever it may be, that put in Speakout that I read today, I am steaming mad, that this lady, Terri Schiavo, don't even have a life and never had a life. I have news for whoever you are, you need to have your head examined or you definitely don't have a life yourself. Because you know I have a daughter sort of similar to that and I disagree with you. They told me a long time ago that she would be a vegetable or whatever but she proved them wrong. She is doing wonderful today. She helps herself. She has a full life. Let me tell you something. You need to know what you are talking about. You need to get yourself a life. She is a child of God. You need to go to church and get on your knees and pray.

Well, they let Robert Blake walk in California. You can do anything there. O.J. got away with it, now Robert Blake got away with it. Well, I'm betting that Michael Jackson is going to get away with it too. He has been really putting on a show - coming to court in pajamas, being held up by his bodyguard, every day they have had to hold him up. They had to bring a back brace. He is really putting it on. Now he has some doctor up there saying he is not strong enough to stand trial. He has people making it really sound bad. I want him to go to prison. I don't want him put in the electric chair. I don't want him put in the gas chamber or anything. I want him put in prison, not in a private cell but with all those big old prison guys. Let them get a hold of him and use him like he did those children. That's what Michael Jackson deserves. Now then they have that case in Florida. Not only Jesse Jackson, that rabble-rouser, taking up for Michael on the radio station, now he is going down to Florida to promote that case of that woman down there. I was really proud that they wouldn't let him in to see her. But that is what old Jesse Jackson does. He just goes around the country stirring up trouble. Wherever there is trouble he just stirs it up a little deeper. He is terrible. They ought to do something about that man.

I would just like to thank God for this lovely spring day we are having, this lovely weather. And I would like to thank God for our town and our school system and our wonderful public safety and all the citizens and families of Sikeston. I think it is a wonderful place to live and to be. Think about it.