Speakout 2/21

Monday, February 21, 2005

Mr. Jensen, you're always writing about laws. Why don't you write about the stupid law that was passed, if it's raining you have to have your lights on while driving. Maybe some people haven't heard about it. Then all you have to do is to go the store and watch the people who park in the handicap spaces and then run into the store. It seems the cops could more than make their wages if they would hand out some fines. I read the fines in your paper and have never seen anyone fined for these offenses. Why pass laws if there is no keeping them. It looks like a lot of hot air has been used.

I have a suggestion for Mr. Bush. He says why waste money for something that's not beneficial. Why is he wasting money on the war in Iraq? That's just more money going to waste. He has a very low IQ in my opinion. I think the U.S. should come first instead of sending money to Iraq and other countries. Instead, he wants to starve the poor and elderly, cutting out Medicaid and Social Security.

Just how arrogant or illiterate are some people in Sikeston? I was just at the major discount store. There were several customers in line. A lady in line had a very full buggy and asked the cashier, "How are you supposed to know which registers in this place are for 20 items or more?" The cashier pointed out that the ones for 20 items or less are all short and very plainly marked with black and yellow signs. The woman said, "Well, I just can't see the difference in them so I'll just stay here." So the three people behind her had to wait and they had only a few items. It is really disgusting how arrogant some people in Sikeston are, but I guess the management tolerates such.

You pro-lifers have been suckered by George Bush and the Republicans.

You're easily led and gullible if you think that Bush is going to do one thing to stop the availability of abortions in this country.

Saying you're pro-life and doing something about it are two different things. What they will do is pick your pocket while your head is bowed in prayer.

This is in reference to the person who voiced their desire to see O.J. Simpson's name removed from the Football Hall of Fame. Back then, I did not allow myself to form an opinion about his innocence or guilt - and I can still care less one way or the other. However, I will boldly say this, and quite a few would agree with me - he no longer has a 'life' per se because he is accused of murdering two white people and 'got away with it.' Had he for whatever crazy reason killed his first wife, who is black, and even if he had been found guilty, I am just silly enough to believe that he would still have a life. Millions of white people around this country would still adore and respect him. Read racism and divisiveness in my comments if you want. That old saying is still so very, very, true. The truth hurts.

To the disabled person who needs mini blinds hung, I can help. Call me at 471-3488.

I missed an opportunity to tape Oprah Winfrey on Feb. 11th when Lance Armstrong was on the show.

If anyone taped the show and/or the after show, please call me at (573) 638-0026. I will return the tape to you after viewing the show or pay you for the tape.