Speakout 9/9

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The person that wrote the article in SpeakOut on August 28 should step back and see how stupid their words are. Do they think us old people never work and paid Social Security? We are drawing our own, honey. These people writing in about the old people drawing their Social Security need to just get a life.

I don't know how to say this, but there has been a lot of griping and growling about young people and Social Security. I want to let these young people know one thing, I worked all my life. I just have retired. I paid in Social Security all those years that I worked. I think I'm kind of supposed to get that now. I don't get too much but what I get I make it on. I'm not griping about it. When this Social Security came out, it was for retirees, people who had worked and paid it in. It wasn't for the young people that sat on their behinds and did nothing. I tell you there's a lot of them doing it and they ought to be ashamed of their selves. My kids worked all their life and they don't know what Social Security is. They aren't old enough for it yet. And they sure don't have it when they're just young people. Some people just reach out and take anything they can get whether they are able to do anything or not. Pleas print this. Maybe someone will take the hint and get out and go to work.

Recently in SpeakOut there was a remark concerning soap operas and gay people on As the World Turns, one of the programs that has been on for years. I too was surprised that they had such nonsense on there. I agree with the person that put the comment in there. It's bad for older people, bad for children, bad for me and bad for anyone. Someone said that everybody was gay today in SpeakOut, that if you didn't like it you could switch the channel. Everybody is not gay either. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Mr. Jensen, your Republican brethrens are in a peck of trouble. As one person aptly put it, "too many are trying to do the toilet two-step." And these are the men holding the responsible positions in our government? Rehab, rehab, rehab.

I'm a concerned Sikeston resident. My daughter picked up a little dog that had been hit, had a broken leg. We took it to the Humane Society. She found out while she was there that there is not place that takes care of these little animals that no one wants and throws away. They don't have enough dog food, they are running out of funds and they don't have enough room. It's just a pitiful mess. These people at the Humane Society need donations of food and money. They are going to be having a garage sale before long to raise money. If you have anything for the sale, I'm sure they would appreciate it. You can reach these people at 471-4801. These little animals are precious. My heart goes out to the girls who work there.