Speakout 6/28

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have been to the Sikeston Farmers Market the last two Saturday by the Sikeston Depot and I learned two things. Number one, you better get there early because most of the products have been sold out before 10 o'clock. The other thing is that there are an awful lot of gardeners and farmers missing out on a good opportunity it seems to me. There has been a good crowd down here and if more vendors and farmers would come down I think I would have a good chance to sell their products.

This is to stop the rumor going on in town. We at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church ARE NOT selling our building and would appreciate if the rumors would stop. It is hard for me to grasp how so called "Christians" can start rumor of churches when they are not even members. If you want to know what's going on in our church just come in and see because we have nothing to hide. Our main goal is to do "God's Work" and we are not going to let the devil slow us down.

This is about the SpeakOut article about welfare and foodstamps. I know that there are people out here who don't misuse the welfare and food stamp program, but there are others of us out here that really need the extra money and food stamps. Like my family, we just found out two months ago that our youngest daughter has diabetes and we need the extra money for traveling expenses going back and forth out of town to doctor's appointments and we need the food stamps to buy the special foods for her since she had to change her diet. And about there ought to be a law for those of us on food stamps that we ought to have to do our grocery shopping at night, well what about those of us with children who want to have them in and in bed at a reasonable time? If you don't want to see us or hear us then stay in your house or move to another country where there is no food stamps. I have paid my dues protecting communities with my involvement with fire departments and we get tired of having to deal with the irate citizens when there is an emergency, but we deal with that. So to you I say deal with those who are on food stamps. Thank you.

I am appalled that we are paying for prisoners to have the Internet and create Web sites. If it's their constitutional right to have the Internet then I want the state to pay for mine. I have rights too. Politicians are so stupid.

The clinic at Matthews has a group from Cape that comes down once a month with the ear laser. I had it done for smoking and haven't smoked for six weeks, the number is 471-1514 if you are interested.

There's no tax dollars involved. This is in response to the June 21 SpeakOut about the non-profit organization cooking for the tornado victims in Caruthersville. I am one of the non-profit's employees who helps at Caruthersville. First of all, the grant money to do this did not come from the government. If you were paying attention to the television news report, you heard C.J. Cassidy say the funding came from the Missouri Foundation for Health, which is a private foundation. Secondly, only 9-10 employees go to cook; there are over 100 people who work for non-profit. These sandwiches are cooked, lunch sacks packed, things cleaned up and the staff is gone only three and a half hours each trip AND over 400 sandwiches are served each time. The nursing staff involved are in management positions and do not take care of patients on a regular basis. Part of our mission is outreach and caring for the community. And, last of all, the barbecue cooker belongs to an employee!