Letter to the Editor

Your view: Good eating

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm not one for writing, but this time I just had to. I was visiting a friend of mine that moved to Sikeston from Waynesville. While here she took me out to eat at different places in your town. But I have to say the best place she took me was a small town outside of Sikeston. She said its fish fry Friday, we have to go here to eat and we did.

The place was full of people and I found out why. A guy was yelling, "It's Fish Friday" and a girl was standing in the window ringing a bell and carrying on and yelling at different ones in the store. The way the girls acted in there and carried on made you feel good and welcomed.

When we ordered our food, to my surprise they put on gloves before making our plates and boy did they pile the food on them. The fish, baked beans and hush puppies with hot peppers in them was the best.

We went back there on Sunday before I left to return to Waynesville to find it was Chicken Sunday. I said, "Oh no, we had chicken three times already this week." My friend said, "Not like these," and she was right. That girl, Tiny, can really cook the best chicken I've ever had. The seasoning she used was different. She wouldn't tell me what it was, she said she would have to shoot me. It was better than any that we had earlier in the week. And her pineapple upside-down cake was great! I loved it.

So I ended up with two really good meals out of my trip and believe me when I come to visit again I will go there to eat for it's the best. They all made me, a stranger, feel so very welcome and like a family. The food was the tops.

I'm mailing this on my way out of town and hope that you do print it. I will be back to Sikeston to visit my friend and back to the little store that cheers you up and makes you feel really welcome. Price, food, etc. was all the greatest.

Shelby Sergant,

Waynesville, Mo.