Speakout 9/26

Monday, September 26, 2005

To the person who called in Speakout blaming all this mess the way we are, must not be a Christian and have much of an education. You must be pretty low yourself to want to keep blaming Clinton. I keep wondering if we had another election and put Clinton in? Bush has been in almost six years and he has done nothing but lie, he said he was going to do something about gays and abortion, well abortion is still going on, gays are still going on. He hasn't done nothing. And for the record, 85 percent of the gays voted for Bush. Maybe that should tell you something.

The reason Clinton was able to pay the debt off was he closed a bunch of factories. Well, them that worked at the factories got their money back that they paid in and everything. Then he took that. The next year while they had to pay taxes on what they got the first year. It all went in. I was one of them that had to pay taxes on my profit-sharing and everybody else did. The next year you were out of work, on Food Stamps and unemployment and you got all your income tax back. So you can figure it yourself what happened. People got their profit-sharing back after they lost their jobs and most of them got a lot of money and they had to pay taxes on it. Well next year you didn't have a job and you were on food stamps, anything you could get by on and you got the end of the year you had to pay taxes on the money you got from profit-

sharing. That made him a lot of money to pay off the debt. Well next year, because Bush got in, he had to pay all that back. Now you know how Clinton paid off the debt.

I'm the fellow who called a couple of weeks ago about the terrible conditions of the Mississippi River. It gets down low this way every few years but there is no need of that happening. I believe Christopher Bond has the answer if he could get the politicians to go along with him. I think building some more locks and dams around St. Louis area, maybe south of it, might be part of the answer at least. I was also right when I said about running a canal from Lake Michigan across Illinois to the Mississippi River. You see those lakes never run dry. They get rivers running into them out of Canada and all parts of the northern United States. So there wouldn't be a question of would we have enough water. You would just need to get the Corps of Engineers in there, your governors and have a big meeting. You may have to put in a dam or two. I know you will to control the flow of the water and the depth of it and you might think about lining the bottom and the sides of it with gravel because that would keep it from washing and also it would make pretty water when it comes across it. So think about these things Christopher Bond and you governors and sit down around the table and see what you can pound out.

A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country. Well, there's a very simple answer. Nobody bothered to check the oil. We just didn't know we were getting low. The reason for that is purely geographical. Our OIL is located in Alaska, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. Our DIPSTICKS are located in Washington D.C.

I just read in the paper where some city officials are offering the use of the old Essex building to any businesses willing to use it from the "ravaged Gulf Coast." That's all fine and dandy. I think it's great that Sikeston is actually willing to do something unselfish here. I do have a problem with it though at the same time. You are going to tell them to bring their own employees? Now, that doesn't make any sense to me. I can understand bringing in their "higher-ups" but to bring ALL of their employees? Must be nice to have a city job to where you think you speak for the towns people. This town has no jobs to offer around here. No jobs that pay you a living that is! All this town has to offer as far as jobs go, are peddley minimum waged jobs. You can't find any jobs worth having around here and now that one could possibly be coming to town, even if temporarily, you're going to tell them "to bring their own employees"? Now, it must be nice to have your bank accounts, city officials. To not have to worry about needing a job; must be nice. Don't speak for the whole town though! Not unless there is going to be a vote on the issue. I would like to have a job, one that pays more than minimum wage, since they are cutting out much needed programs in MO. Hell, how would you like to make only minimum wage at your city job? Maybe that's all you deserve to make. A plan to tell them that we don't want their jobs is the most absurd thing I've ever heard of! We do want their jobs, we need their jobs! It also brings up an issue as to where are all these "employees" supposed to live? The only homes I know available around this town are either run down homes that you are constantly trying to condemn, or homes that cost more than this town is worth! Now, if this job is able to pay employees enough to live in one of them homes, I want a job there. Even if it is just temporary. You are right though, Sikeston residents do care about the Katrina victims. That is why we donated money, clothing, food, etc. But, to force these "new" people on us, without an opportunity to work with them. Now, that's just being selfish on your part.

If the city of Sikeston can drain Tanner Street, why can't they drain the other eight or ten streets that flood?

As for Hurricane Katrina and the money we don't have, we should be pooling the money to the people we're giving it out to and putting it back to America. What the hell is wrong with people? We need to quit helping out everybody else. We need to quit giving out our money and giving away our livelihoods.

Congratulations to the Sikeston Jaycees on another successful year with the Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo. It was great. I have some suggestions concerning the mosquitoes. Don't spray water in the area. I know you were trying to keep things cool, but it just helped breed mosquitoes. Have the city mosquito truck come in and fog the place before the crowd. Offer mosquito spray at a booth where people can come and get spray. Other than that, it was great.