Speakout 9/27

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Get real. Do we in Charleston need commissioners if all they have to do is tell people how many garage sales they can have and how long. They tell you to go to Second Chance and buy your clothes there. I wonder if they buy their clothes there. Get real.

So the President has made his speech considering New Orleans. Several things have bothered me about the speech. He didn't say anything about prayer or needing God, only more government assistance. After all isn't that who is to blame for not doing more, our Almighty Government? He called the hurricane a quote "will of Nature" end of quote no reference to the will of God to wipe out the massive sin of the region. He said that America without New Orleans is not the same and that we quote "will rebuild this great city" end of quote. Read Malachi Chapter one verse four and Isaiah 9 verse 13 -16.

I get so darned tired watching people walking from one house to another, three and four families living in a house, and my house rent is high and they don't have to pay hardly anything. I know one person has to pay $29. You see them smoking store bought cigarettes. They also have their little pot cigarettes, I know what they are. You see them sharing them. There is nothing right with this system. I know one person gets $400 or $500 and foodstamps. Now this is not right. Elderly people don't get but $10, if they get that.

Kim, not Tim

Thanks for putting in the paper about the Fosters out here in Miner. It was Don and his wife, Kim. You put it as Tim.

To the person who called and says scum rises to the top, I say Amen and Amen.

Thank you to the city of Sikeston workers for mowing and trimming the cemeteries. We really appreciate it.

I see where the mayor of Sikeston is worried about New Madrid County taking all the taxes. It was either five or ten years ago that Sikeston took all the taxes from the businesses in New Madrid County. Maybe New Madrid County is trying to get some of their money back that Sikeston got when they didn't know anything about it.

If you wanted to build a house in a flood zone in Missouri, FEMA won't give you a loan, insurance or anything. You have to build that house all on your own and it's your house. No insurance, no bank loan. The same should apply to anyone who builds a house below sea-level. Build them above bridges where they will stay nice and dry.

I just read Michael Jensen's article about too much spending in New Orleans. I've been Bush supporter for years. I am a widow and barely able to pay insurance, but I do. Why don't they have to have it? I haven't seen anything about any of them having insurance in the paper or tv. Doing minor things like electricity and water is one thing, but building the house for them is too much to ask. Bush needs to realize money don't grow on trees.

Bake your cake and eat it, too

I'm reading the paper about fed up with freeloaders and food stamps and everything. Why don't they do something about them going and purchasing these cakes already made?