Speakout 10/17

Monday, October 17, 2005

Can anyone tell me where I can find fused glass blocks and french patio doors? My number is 573-683-6522.

Good evening, and I haven't seen my article that I called you about two weeks ago. It was considering the Republicans and President Bush. He got a free ride to the White House 'cause he was against abortion. Well, I tell you one thing, I'm a Christian and I go to church every Sunday, but I'll tell you one thing, the way he's doing these boys overseas, that's about like abortion, it's murder. He is sending innocent boys over there to get murdered off. And he's got a lot of room to do it, because he don't have no relatives whatsoever over there. If he would, I think he'd change his tune. And also, all the rich Republicans-why don't they go over there and fight instead of sending all these young people over there? Thank you and good night.

I'm calling about the legal holiday, Columbus Day. Why don't President Bush either pass an issue that either everybody is off, or nobody is off. It's not right for some people to have to sit and work and pay for all the others to be off. This is a state federal law. I'm not only speaking for myself, but for others, too. It seems like that only the ones in the federal and state offices get off and the other people have to work. We pay taxes just like they do. And furthermore, Columbus discovered America for all of us, not just them.

Hello Seniors of Sikeston. Now that you have received your literature on prescription drug coverage, how many of you understand all the choices and which one do you think will be the best for you? If any one of you can do simple mathematics, I'm sure that $200 billion spent on the war in Iraq would buy all the drugs we would ever use. Remember to read page one in the book, and everyone on Medicare can join on Jan. 1, 2006, and if you don't have a chance to join then, you will have to pay a penalty later on. Also on page 98, it says $952 for the first day you spend in the hospital. I'm sure that when you voted for Bush, a man that is a born-again Christian, could do that to us.

I'm a citizen of the Morehouse area, I have been watching all of this progress over in Southern Ill., and I would say their governor over there and everybody is pulling together. It was good to hear them Oct. 10 that they've moved the heavy construction and there is gonna be a new ball park for Southern Ill. I've also been watching where Peabody Energy Co. is going to build a power plant. I know these people will put in the right environmental stuff. And, you people near the Mingo area, stop complaining, 'cause you ain't gonna slow these people down in Illinois. Environmental Protection Agency has done give its okay and the governor has, or they wouldn't be going on tv saying they're gonna build this $2 billion power plant. It will not be only the cleanest, but it will be done right. With enough pollution control in the smoke stack. Everything is looking great for Illinois. You people in Southern Illinois or doing what we should be doing in Southeast Missouri. Our governor is a step behind on a lot of things. Construction and more jobs is one of them. This construction in Southern Illinois will create a lot of jobs and a lot of work. We're hurting bad in the Bootheel for jobs and for people to go to work. Sikeston is one of them at the top of the list. Every time Sikeston gets a factory, it stays a year or two and then they lose it. It's better to have bad luck than no luck at all. That's about all I have to say about them power plants. I may come along and say something later. Thank you for letting me speak out on a very important issue.