Speakout 4/23

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I don't know what's going on, but they're cutting all the good trees on these ditches. There's some beautiful trees, fine trees. It would be all right if they cut the brush. I saw some wood ducks screaming and carrying on. They took their tree down with their nest in it. I don't know who's doing it, Scott County or whoever it is, but they are sure messing up the wildlife. It's a shame and a disgrace. The white man is destroying everything. Big beautiful shade trees, no excuse for destroying trees like that.

I would like to comment on your article about Southeast Missouri Network against sexual violence. In that article Tammy Gwaltney stated that all the services are free. I would just like to say that Medicaid will pay $189 for every forensic exam and interview that they do. If you don't have Medicaid they will charge your insurance over $400 for these services. They are not free. I would just like for that to be known.

I would like to speak out about all the dogs in Heckemeyer Acres division out east of Miner. The owners don't care, or don't seem to care, about their dogs running loose, going into people's yards and doing their thing. You can't even get out to walk for exercise for the dogs running out and trying to bite you. I was wondering how to go about getting a leash law out in the Heckemeyer Acre subdivision?

This is for the parents of the boy who was served alcohol who was under 21. I've been silent long enough and I'd like to get some facts straight. First of all, your son goes into bars using his brother's ID all over town. This is not the first car your son has totaled due to drunk driving. You think he would've learned the first time, and he is lucky to be alive. Also, you failed to mention that one of Sikeston's police pulled him over earlier and let him go. So to me, you should be mad at the cop that let him go not the bar you claimed served him.

I was wondering if there was any place in Sikeston that carried ethanol? Is there any in the area if not in Sikeston?

Express Fuel in Benton and MFA in Charleston carry E85 ethanol. Sikeston does not have any stations that do at this time.

On the Wednesday, April 12, Standard Democrat comic strip Mallard Fillmore, the claim is made that 65 percent of every tax dollar collected is used to collect tax dollars. The actual number is 0.4. Thank you.

I was wondering how much Casino Aztar is going to kick in to help the residents of Caruthersville? I am sorry for their loss and I feel for them. I see where Channel 12 is asking for help. You see the billboards where the Casino is helping do this and that for the state, how much is it going to help in their own backyard?

There are a lot of streets in Sikeston. Most of the lawns are mowed and kept up. There are always a few on some streets that let their lawns grow up and also litter. You know who you are. Get off your butt and clean them up. I have two by me and they are an eyesore.