Speakout 3/21

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Call 471-6636

This is to Canalou citizens. I'm sure you pay personal property tax, real estate tax. Why isn't something done about the roads in Canalou, especially Main Street? There are potholes in that road, seems like they've been there forever. Why haven't the citizens had something done? You can't drive a car down some of those streets. How can you sit back and not do something about that and let that town go down to nothing? It has got out of hand.

I recently attended a funeral in Morehouse. It was bitterly cold that day. It was a fairly small affair, with not many in attendance. The mother of the deceased was in a wheelchair and unable to walk. Before the services began, there were members of the family in the kitchen area drinking coffee. The mother was in the sanctuary, I suppose to spend as much time as she could with her departed daughter. It was very cold outside, so I took a cup of coffee to her since she was unable to walk into the kitchen thinking this would help give her some emotional and physical warmth. The lady of that church came rushing in and informed me that they did not under any circumstance allow any food or drinks in the sanctuary. I was absolutely appalled. The lady was in a wheelchair for God's sake! What kind of Christian person would begrudge a crippled, grieving mother a cup of coffee? I can not understand how anyone, especially someone claiming to be a Christian, could be so cruel to a person. This woman was grieving for the loss of her daughter and then had to be humiliated by this "church lady". I hope and pray she continues to attend church and get her priorities in life straight. Apparently they are way off base. If Jesus can remove sin from our life, surely a little coffee stain shouldn't be too much to handle if it had occurred. And if she happens to read this, I think maybe God does allow you to drink coffee in Heaven, no matter what room you happen to be in.

Congratulations to Kingsway Furniture for producing TV commercials that are meaningful and sensible to their audience. Theirs is a far cry from many others that are an insult to the average American person's mind. When one sees a commercial that employs a talking green lizard or a caveman or some silly nut yelling, "Help me!" it is simply disgusting to the average listener. And we should boycott all companies that present these silly commercials.

I would like to speak out about handicapped parking. I am from Portageville and I think it is a crying shame that people who are able to walk park in handicapped parking that prevent those that are handicapped from using them. I do believe our police officers should be aware of this and make more tickets for this. If I'm not mistaken, this is against the law.

I was reading in the Bulldog Barker about the Red Peppers. I was wondering what The Shed is. That's all.

It's a shed on school property where decorating supplies are kept.

I was just wanting to speak out about your Page Two, beautiful women pictures. People are not liking them and wanting them cut out, but I enjoy seeing them everyday. They are pretty ladies.