SpeakOut 1/21

Monday, January 21, 2008

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I am making a comment to the person that put in A year to prepare. The comment was about making sure someone's child has a Christmas present for next year and caring less about the parent. I think you are a very rude and jealous person when you say something like this in SpeakOut. There are families out there who are doing the best they can and still need help from time to time. That's what Christ did. He still helps you. Everything you have belongs to Him. He can take it away in a moment. It wasn't you that succeeded, it was God giving you favor to succeed. If some people need help to get food and presents for their children, you are supposed to be a representative of Christ. You are supposed to help people. I do care. I used to be one of those families that needed extra help. Now I'm able to give back to the people who did help me. Why? Because I care. I'm not a stuck-up, snot-

nosed person who wants to tuck my money away just for me. That would teach my children no respect, no values and no loyalty. I'm teaching my children that it is better than to receive so they can be blessed also. Maybe you should take that to heart and stop being jealous of people that's probably getting a little more than you. In Jesus's name, I pray for you and others like you. That God will change your heart and make you see a different view.

I had a comment for the state of Missouri. I think something should change for people who have committed felonies. Depending on the felony, I don't think you should be denied a job. I think that is a form of discrimination because some people write bad checks, some people have maybe an assault charge, I don't know what the situation is. Some of these felonies are minor and they are denied jobs they are qualified for to take care of their family. I wish there was something I could do for the people that need a job. I can see if it's a really bad crime that that might be different. There are still ways to work around a charge like writing bad checks. They are being denied jobs because there are so many little things in their past. You should not deny someone a job because they have a felony. That causes people to be homeless, have their children taken away. Some people don't even qualify for a welfare check because they have used their time on it. So what does the person who made a mistake in the past do? They'll set there and say that you probably done something wrong in your past, you just never got caught. They are trying to make up for their past and you are not giving them the chance. You wonder why people in Sikeston are running around driving big cars on the wrong side of the neighborhood and living better than the rich people do. Well, if you're not going to give them a job, they have to find someway to make money, don't they? People discriminate on color, race and religion, especially color. And they discriminate against people that are felons, too. Give them a chance so they can get off of welfare and quit dealing drugs. We need a governor that really cares.

I wanted to say thank you to a woman who lives in Sikeston on Cole Avenue. It was freezing cold outside and I watched a woman walk across the road to put a blanket around a little boy that was thrown out of his house. I just wanted to say that you've got a golden heart and God will reward for you doing such a nice thing by helping someone without knowing the consequences. You thought of someone beside yourself. You put a blanket around a little boy that was thrown out with no coat or shoes on. I live on that road and I watched it happen. I thought about calling the police, but they showed up. I was told that this family was told to mind their business, that they had no business helping this little boy. Instead of condemning this child, why don't you encourage him. Encourage yourself first to be a better parent.

I'm calling in regard to the school system here in Sikeston. I'm very displeased with them for the simple fact that these children are out of school more than they're in school. It seems like every other week or once a month these teachers are taking off to do their little in-service meetings, or whatever it may be, and these kids only go half a day. By the time they get in there for two or three hours or half a day, they don't have no time for homework. It upsets me that my children are attending this school system. I have a special needs child. When these kids are out of school, they are losing their days of education. I think it's very unfair. If these teachers need and must have meetings, that's fine and cool with me. I feel it should be done on their own time, either after school or on a Saturday. If they don't like it, that's their problem. They are teachers and that's what they chose to do. What they're doing is taking the children's education hours for their own little in-

service hours. On Jan. 9 they got out and they didn't go back on the 2nd because there was an in-service meeting. It is very upsetting to the point you want to home school your children. I'm a single mother and trying to work. I can't even work a full week because these children are not in school. I'm sure I'm not only the discouraged mother. If you count up the days between them being in school and out of school, I guarantee you the days they are out, they will be equal or more days that they are out. It's ridiculous!