SpeakOut 2/25

Monday, February 25, 2008

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Mr. Editor, I've said this to you before. You really need to stop accepting ads offering free dogs. How would you feel that if you knew the 5-year-old black Lab you advertised in your paper yesterday ended up thrown into a ring with a killer Pit Bull and ended up as bait? Or the Border Collie. Now people that give dogs away are really risking that dog's life. You should charge people. If people pay for a dog that shows they are going to care for it and do what they need to do for the dog. And that they have the money to do so. If this black Lab who would be a candidate for a dog fighting situation, if this black Lab ends up dead and tortured and torn to pieces, it'll be your fault. You don't need to advertise these things. Are you that desperate for that little bit of money you're getting for that ad? I guess you are, huh? Typical businessman - every little dollar counts.

- - -

I suggest Mr. Editor you follow up on those two dogs you advertised yesterday. See what becomes of them. See what happens to them. See where they end up. Just as a matter of curiosity, do an article on it. And as far as your editorial goes, Bob Barker giving money to his alma mater for an animal ethics course, I would say this country that has a president that approves torture and obviously a Republican party that does too, needs any kind of ethics course that can be offered. It's not a matter of choosing children or people over animals. That's crap and you know it, so stop dishing that &%#$ out. I know what you're doing and you do too.

I have something to say to people. Guess what? You think your house is run down and full or rats and everything that goes across the dishes at night. Ours is the same way. It ought to be condemned and torn down.

In response to School safety commended. You misunderstood my traffic control comment. You yourself state that the schools have the responsibility of the safety of the children once on school property. The streets are public property, not school property. If they feel need traffic control, they need a city ordinance. You show me a law that gives the public schools the right to control the flow of traffic on our city streets.

This is for the hateful person that wrote in there. I am the woman that has the retarded daughter. The reason I'm calling back is you know what - just because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth ain't know sign everybody has. Apparently you are so stingy. You don't understand people who don't have nothing, do you? You don't know anything about me. You don't know anything about my daughter or my family. Number one, I can't work because I am very, very disabled. And another thing, my daughter does work. She works hard everyday of her little life. She works everyday. She pays her taxes. I've paid my dues, I've paid my taxes when I worked. I haven't asked the government for a hand out okay? I'm just probably asking the government for what's owed to me. Unless you really know people you shouldn't judge. You're probably the person who keeps getting on there and putting down poor people. You need to shut your trap!

Take Romney signs out of your yard - he has already dropped out of the race. Go ahead and put up McCain for the next president.

This is to the lady that said Sikeston people should move to Pharris Ridge. Well, if you're on welfare, you can't afford to live in Pharris Ridge. Our taxes are very, very high in New Madrid County. We don't even have a dog catcher out here, but we are paying out our nose for taxes. No city water. We've been without lights for a day and a half. You're better off living in Sikeston, trust me.

I see there is a free Texas Hold 'Em tournament on March 8 being hosted by the Sikeston Diamond Dawgs. A free poker tournament and it's only $50 for dinner. Wow, what a deal. So what's free?

Fifty dollars is the cost for the entire evening, which is a social, steak dinner and poker tournament. If you will reread the ad, it says the entertainment is free.