Speakout 2/26

Monday, February 26, 2007

We were passing Scott County Central this afternoon and we noticed on the billboard that they are having school on President's Day that honors Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. We were just wondering why they are having school when on Martin Luther King Day they didn't have school? I don't think he was president. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and I don't know what Martin Luther King did. I think this is very low of them to have school when they should be honoring George Washington.

Which is worse? Clinton lied and disgraced his family and his country with his personal life. Bush lied and through his deception took us all to war and has the world against all of America. No more war. Bring our people home.

Slavery is a horrible part of American history. But if an apology 175 years later is needed, it's needed now for a very different reason. To right the wrongs we as a nation have created a new kind of slavery. More people now are enslaved to a social governmental support system for so long and for so many generations that they no longer have ownership of themselves. They choose to merely exist on this system, lacking intrinsic motivation to do anything valuable with their lives. Thus, creating not a poverty of lack thereof, but a poverty of values. That kind of entrapment, is a close kin to humanly degrading as slavery itself. To create an existence of people who are willing to be chained to a social welfare system produces a domino effect we now see in existence in our schools and our communities. The breakdown of a family, the lack of a worth ethic, the lack of education as a value and the lack of a positive value system. Fear is this visualization in action. Example: The middle class taxpayer with values is standing in front of his place at work handing out money. The valueless non-taxpayers are walking by, shouting filthy words, grabbing the money as quickly as he holds it up, saying, "If you don't give me more, I'll make you pay." The line keeps getting longer. The group of valueless, non-taxpayers become impatient and irate, attack the very one giving them money and destroying his place of work. This is just a very short example of the monster, we as a nation, have created.

I would like to have this put in SpeakOut. Most people only call SpeakOut to complain, but I would like to say something nice about Charleston Manor. My Dad has been a resident for a little over a year now and they treat him great. He is happier now than he has been in several years and loves all the staff He thinks of them as his family and this comes from him being treated like he is a real person and part of their family. I stop in several times a week and they all speak and are so friendly. If you have a question or concern, you can talk to them. They will help you. I would like them to know they are greatly appreciated.