Speakout 9/28

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is to the person who thought that it was the teacher's fault that the children were unruly. I beg your pardon. It's the parents that are supposed to teach the children manners and now society will not even let you paddle the children. When I was in school, you knew you was getting a paddling when you went to the principal's office. And let me tell you, you did not want to act up. So, it's the parent's fault for letting the children do what they do, for all this smart alec mouths they've got on. I would not want to be a teacher but I appreciate those that are.

I just want to say thank you to the young lady that put in the new dog grooming shop in Bertrand. She did a great job on my dog.

I would like to say I was absolutely appalled by the article put in SpeakOut called church for sale. To have the nerve to say that ministers are pimping the church because of a charge for using the building is just ignorant. Most churches have to charge a fee which is voted on by a board or church members who pay their tithes. They see that the church is maintained and kept clean and pay the utilities. We have had people use our facilities for wedding rehearsals, the wedding, the reception and then use our paper plates, paper cups and napkins, then leave the place in a mess and never darken the door again. A small fee for using a church or dining room should be expected by the user and they should be grateful and appreciative. God bless.

I'd like to speak out about Get off your high horse. I am a parent of four children and I teach them good manners. People from Morehouse need to quit talking about the people in Sikeston. It's not my fault your school joined in with Sikeston. Remember, I teach my kids manners and respect.

I was calling in reference to someone who was wanting a full-sized satellite dish. My number is 472-0572.

I would like to respond to the Harrison Drag Street comment. You are exactly right. Between loud exhaust pipes, squalling tires and loud music all hours of the night it's hard for me to get any sleep. I'm a resident of Miner and I know exactly how you feel when you say the police won't help. The speed limit on my street is 20 mph. I watch cars all day long going at least 50 mph. I've lived here over three years and not once have I seen someone get pulled over for speeding on my street. What can you say?

I was calling about Carter being the worst president and Bush wasn't nearly as bad. Well, Bush is a quack and he needs to be taken out of office. All he is doing is bringing us poor people down. Why can't they just get over it and get him out of office and make things better for everybody?

To take a second look, is everybody that is a Republican just crazy? If they could actually just step back and realize that we are needing help. Bush is not giving the help we need. If they didn't have the money to support him and support their families, and they had to live a couple of days down in the dumps, maybe they would realize that he's not doing as good a job as they think he is doing. Yeah, he might be just sitting there making these houses appear, but you know what? He is putting a price on these houses that nobody can afford except for these people that are so stuck up with their wallets. We are out here working as hard as we possibly can to make a living for our family and Bush keeps messing it up left and right. I think if you are a Republican and you think he's doing a good job, sit on the Democrat side for a while and take a look at us.